As 2020 has already raised its curtains, it is a perfect moment to think about how to boost your career by carefully planning UI/UX conference visits. 

The list of UX conferences for this year is long, but the choice is rich and every designer can find a suitable agenda

What is great is that the concept of conferences turned out to be more attractive comparing to previous years. Organizers have realized that a group of smaller and relaxed events attract people more. 

So, you can expect less of traditional speakers and a lot more informal and relaxed discussions, roundtables and workshops. Not to mention tons of attractive content and useful information.

Let’s see what is on the table for this year. This is the list of most interesting UI/UX conferences worth visiting in 2020:

#1 Interaction 19

  • 3-8th February 2020
  • Seattle, Washington United States

Interaction 19 is a one week series of events where designers from around the world gather for design workshops and education summits.

This conference is perfect for design practitioners and academics who want to explore the edges of interaction design.

As the name of the event says – attendees will get a chance to interact with each other and through such experience, discover what to learn to build a personal toolbox and grow their professional networks.

#2 ConveyUX Seattle

  • 12-13th March 
  • Seattle, Washington United States

ConveyUX is a showcase of Pacific Northwest talent, an annual event that gathers over 400 visitors together with 40+ speakers. 

This premier user experience conference gathers the most interesting speakers and experts in about 65 sessions over 3 full days.

As announced, one purchased ticket allows you to enter both sessions and workshops. 


ux conferences 2020
  • 30-31st March 2020,
  • Copenhagen, Denmark

UX Copenhagen is a premium event that brings top-notch professionals working with and around user experience design.

Event’s main topics are based on the newest trends in the field, presented by a diverse panel of speakers, from super gurus to junior level designers.

Within a 2-day program, attendees will hear more about the topics such as what is the influence in UX,  tech for social good, futures thinking, ethical OS, designing against domestic violence and many more. 

#4 UX Camp 

  • Dates will be announced soon 
  • Brighton, UK

Unlike any other UI/UX conference, this one offers a bit different agenda. There are no keynote speakers or any official agenda with formal introductions, only passionate members of the local design community who will speak about their experience.

The way the event is going to be organized is 20-minute sessions format like demos or discussions where anybody can run for it.

This event is for anyone involved or interested in user experience design, product design, user research, interaction design, information architecture, usability, accessibility, and other associated fields.

#5 Creative South

  • 2-4th April 2020
  • Columbus USA

With just a glimpse of the eye on their official website, you’ll consider visiting this year’s Creative South gathering. In 2020 they will celebrate 10th birthday and for the occasion, many interesting events are announced. 

#6 Industry Europe

  • 10-11th March
  • Dublin, Ireland

Industry Europe is one of the conferences where speaking is more important than presenting and it will appeal to you to hear how people struggle and succeed in their companies and startups.

More than 500 attendees will have the opportunity to hear the precious experience from some of the big company names. 

Moreover, networking possibilities are enormous because of the popularity of the event.

However, prices of the tickets are rising from month to month and organizers recommend catching the early birds. Or if you are a student or you have a startup, ask for special discounts.

#7 Mind the Product – Engage 2020

ux conferences 2020
  • 24-26th June 
  • Hamburg, Germany

If you are keen to learn about how product managers, creative people, and others in German companies work and think, this could be the perfect opportunity.

From international keynote talks, dual-track selection of more hands-on sessions to side events, MTP Engage can offer you a friendly atmosphere and many opportunities for engaging in meaningful activities.

Besides talks, there is a range of hands-on workshops on the day before the event for those who want to dig in deep. 

#8 Craft Conf

  • 9-10th June
  • Budapest, Hungary

Craft Conf is a highly rated conference in this part of Europe created for modern developers and development teams. This event may serve as a compass on new technologies and trends where you can learn from top-notch international practitioners in our community.

The conference offers tons of meetups, sessions, and opportunities to learn and discover everything that is necessary for nowadays software craftsmanship.

Still, don’t expect famous names but rather an impressive group of those successful in their fields, from inventors to founders and professionals in software development, design, and business in general.

However, to hear plenty of useful stories you’ll have to pay not so modest ticket price.

#9 ACE! Agile & UX

  • 20-22nd May 
  • Kraków, Multkino, Poland

Over the years, this event became highly significant for Central Europe when it comes to designing and agile methods. The ACE 2020 will combine two tracks: Agile Software Development and Product Design & Management into one conference.

Organizers are still announcing names of the speakers, but workshops and speaker agendas are already announced as part of the conference.

#10 User Experience Lisbon (UXLx)

  • 19-22nd May
  • Lisbon, Portugal

Precious UX experience will be revealed to the bones at this conference.

Organizers have covered each segment of UX creation thus you will be able to hear, analyze and adapt your UX knowledge from a wide list of UX professionals.

Above all, it’s settled in Lisbon, so you can really merge education and enjoy traveling.

#11 UX London

  • 27-29th May 
  • London, UK

Networking is one of the biggest advantages of this conference, and along with great speakers, it makes the perfect UI/UX design con package.

It is a 4-day con filled with intensive training and inspirational talks with the cream of the industry. Everyone who finds design as his expertise will be there.

Organizers put the focus on influential designers and professionals so you’ll be able to hear many exciting stories.

#12 UX Strat Amsterdam

  • June 29 – July 1st
  • Amsterdam

This UI/UX conference offers a package of skills that any senior designer can use to increase its business.

The focus will be on how to make and implement a new business strategy and you can expect to hear interesting success stories.

#13 Webinale

ux conferences
  • 25-29th May
  • Berlin, Germany

Webinale is the sort of conference that tends to gather the highest number of designers and other professionals from the web industry.

Inspiration, exchange of experience and knowledge transfer across all industries are the main advantages of this event.

From UI/UX design to online marketing and business, this conference brings together more than 70 exclusive speakers, 90 useful talks and sessions, workshops and a great chance for networking.

#14 Product Camp Poland 

  • 17-19th June
  • Gdynia, Poland

Over the years this con is branded as “the biggest and coolest product design conference in Central & Eastern Europe”. That is one strong quote worth exploring.

Organizers offer 3 days starting with the Conference Day, followed by a day of Workshops and concluding with a Barcamp grand finale. 2020 agenda contains speakers from BMW, Atlassian, Flixbus & names like Melissa Perri, Giles Colborne that might ring a bell.

ProductCamp welcomes Digital Product Managers, Product Designers, Researchers, Growth Hackers, Analysts and everyone who discover, conceive, manage and make digital products better.

#15 ADDC: App Design & Development

  • 24-26th June
  • Barcelona, Spain

This 3-day conference tends to gather designers and developers specifically around inspiring and moving talks. ADDC is a single-track international conference for iOS & Android developers and UX/UI designers. 

At the moment, the conference agenda is yet to be announced. So far, few interesting speakers from Google are already revealed.

#16 WebExpo 

  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • There is no official announcement yet for the dates

This conference is for all digital professionals across industries. WebExpo stands for “The web event of the year” and with a good reason. Smashing Magazine, IBM, and many others worldwide, big companies are sending their speakers.

More than 70 speakers will talk about their experience, philosophy and things you could use in your career, business, and life.

Pack that with affordable tickets in the coolest city in Europe, a chance for networking and you can call this the most useful web event of the year.

# 17 UX Australia

  • 25–28th August 2020,
  • Melbourne, Australia

It is a 4-day premier UX conference with a focus on user experience and everything related to it. 

This UX conference is for user experience designers but also for writers, service, user-centered and interface designers and others involved in the designing profession. UX Australia offers talks that suits everyone from graduate to experienced practitioners. 

Attendees can enjoy amazing talks from the speakers chosen by the community as well as interesting workshops. The 2-day workshop focuses on practical skills and techniques that can help anyone interested in learning new methods and tools.

#18 UX And Digital Design Week

  • 10-14th August 
  • London, UK

During this UI/UX conference, you can find the answers that every designer seeks constantly – how to improve the service and work better with clients.

You will have a chance to meet and learn from the teams behind the most ground-breaking products.

This event’s agenda consists of keynote presentations, case studies, roundtable discussions, and mini-workshops all conducted at the actual company offices.

#19 Design Matter Conference

  • 23-24th September 
  • Copenhagen, Denmark

According to the last year’s agenda, organizers have included each conference format and design enthusiasts and professionals can learn as well as enjoy.

As the conference name refers, design matters, but as well as the way how knowledge, experience, and tips are transferred to the audience.

This year’s agenda is yet to be announced, but you can still expect an event filled with exquisite speakers and a lot of creative mingling opportunities.

#20 Smashing Conference

  • 7-8th September 
  • Freiburg, Germany

This free-spirit event covers real problems and solutions when it comes to the entire web industry, with a focus on design.

Except for design, speakers will tackle the topics of front-end and UX, as well as UI design and machine learning.

#21 Jam London

  • October, 31 
  • London, UK

This conference is a story-packed conference to get inspired, followed by a day of hands-on workshops. London’s Jam event is the place where you can hear great stories behind famous products. 

At the moment, organizers still work on the lineup, but you can expect interesting speakers.

#22 Amuse Conference

  • 16-18th October
  • Budapest, Hungary

It’s a 3-day conference that covers the most popular design fields, from inclusive design to animation, sketching and service design, to name a few.

Agenda is to be published soon, but you can plan your visit to Budapest and expect a nice time both at the event and in the city.

#23 Product Management Festival

  • November 
  • Zurich Switzerland

Leading world companies are regular at this event and every product management executive can expect to hear how Facebook or Google product managers deal with the everyday challenges they have.

Do you have a favorite UI/UX conference? Do share it with us.