I don’t often review Chrome extensions for the simple reason that it’s not always the most exciting topic for a post. Yes, some extensions are immensely useful (disconnect is pretty essential if you ask me), but that doesn’t mean discussing them always makes for an exciting or stimulating read. Maybe a more skilful blogger could spice things up a bit but, in my experience, very few people’s eyes light up when you start talking about the ins and outs of some browser extension you just downloaded…

Imagine for example someone keeps talking to you about their refrigerator cooling fan – you can kinda relate; you even probably possess the same piece of technology yourself, but nonetheless there’s about 50 other things you’d rather think and talk about than that. Browser extensions can be a bit like that for most people. You really need to be in the right company for that kinda thing.

But despite knowing all this, right now I just can’t help myself: I’m going to tell you all about a Chrome extension I really like and just hope that somehow it’s not a complete turn-off. The main reason for this is that Klip.me really is just so damn good.

The main function of the extension is simple: it adds a button to your Chrome toolbar which allows you to instantly push web articles that you are reading in your browser to a mobile device – either an Android/iOS phone or tablet or your Kindle. But that’s not all – Klip.me also removes all the annoying c**p which sometimes makes reading in the browser additionally tedious (i.e. all the stuff around the text: ads, tag clouds, link bars etc) so that you just get the text which you actually want to read and not the hundred other things competing for your attention.

I have mainly used Klip.me with my Amazon Kindle and the performance is simply superb. The average waiting time for an article to transfer is probably about 20 seconds in my experience, while the success rate of transfer is 100% – in other words, the extension never misunderstands which bit of the page I want ‘klipped’ and which bit I don’t. It almost never drops any of the text either, probably about five or six letters and two words across the 20 or so articles I’ve used it for this week.

For someone that hates reading from a computer screen (and thus loves the Kindle), Klip.me is a godsend – you can just whizz everything you want to read over in a matter of seconds and then enjoy it all from your mobile device whenever (it’s pretty good for stocking up material for a holiday for example).

Anyway, that really is all there is to it, such a simple and basic extension but one that provides a function that hugely enhances the potential for Kindle owners (and Android phone owners – though I haven’t personally tested that option) to massively expand the uses of their device and, in general, enjoy a less cluttered, less eye-straining, more mobile – all round better – reading experience of web content.