Although battery life on Android devices is far better than it used to be, for many of us, especially if we travel frequently,  it’s still a challenge to get through a busy day without running the battery dry.

AVG Technologies has released its latest report identifying the top battery, data and storage consuming apps on Android smartphones and tablets after collecting the data on users from the UK, Australia and in the United States. But before we see the top battery and performance drainers, it’s good to look at how we spend time on our phones.

According to the report, this is the list of the top 20 apps that users spend the most time on:


So, as you should know the features of your phone to widen the battery life, you should also know which apps are affecting the battery life drastically or the overall performance. Although companies cannot monitor the entire Android ecosystem, you will be surprised to see that the offenders are not necessarily the apps that you would think of, but rather the culprit might be a device manufacturer.

One of the key findings of the report once again confirmed that Samsung’s Security Police Service update, which runs immediately once the device starts up, is the top battery drainer. While many users already complained about it, and although security on mobile devices is critical, with Android 4.4.2, some users reported a 30 to 40 percent drop in battery life. According to AVG, this is the list of Android’s top battery drainers.

When it comes to those apps that impact overall performance on mobile devices, Facebook app is the first,  followed by Spotify and Instagram.


Moreover, whether developers add more feature over time, or the apps are collecting temporary data, some apps simply use up more storage over time. The report listed the top 10 apps (with more than 1 million installs in the Google Play) that use your precious limited storage:


As for the games, if you love these games, you should keep on playing them, however, whether, in terms of performance or battery drain, it’s wise to have a portable battery at hand.


The report also included the list of the apps that have the most impact on your monthly mobile bills:


While Netflix is no longer the top offender, you might want to think twice before you use Tumblr or Yahoo! Mail, as these apps rank very high.

For more on the apps that drain the battery and use up more storage, see the report. The report also offers advice on how to save battery life and improve performance, but you could also check ten tips for extending smartphone battery life.