Here’s a pretty entertaining little curiosity, about a laptop thief who got his comeuppence over in the USA this week – all thanks to a $20 Macbook app. Basically, this guy stole a Macbook from someone’s apartment, unaware of the fact that the owner had installed the Hidden app – a service which monitors the whereabouts of the computer after it has been stolen (collecting photos of the thief using it via the computer’s webcam and so on).

Thanks to the data provided by the Hidden app, the owner was able to start a blog with all the info on the thief’s and computer’s whereabouts (entitled This guy has my Macbook), to which the police responded by tracking down the thief, arresting him, and returning the laptop to its rightful owner.

The anecdote has already gone somewhat viral (the blog has 21k Facebook ‘Likes’ and counting), being one of those interesting little curiosities that contains all the fun pantomime elements of a villain getting what he deserves via a deus ex machina (i.e. the Hidden app), as well as a feelgood element of justice in the wake of petty theft (which, let’s face it, is rather rare considering police priorities usually lie elsewhere). More importantly, for the Hidden app team at least, is the fact that such an event will generate enormous amounts of excellent free press – inevitably prompting a few more subscriptions to the service.