If you’re contemplating buying any consumer electronics as gifts this Christmas, you should know that the whole process can be time-consuming, especially if choosing a piece of kit about which you don’t understand a great deal. With that in mind, here is a rundown of excellent video guides to help you choose consumer electronics gifts quickly and efficiently this Christmas with the help of informed experts:

1. Laptops (Video guide by Techradar)

Not sure about the difference between an Ultrabook and a Chromebook? Here’s some help:

2. Budget Smartphones (Techradar)

2013 was the year that budget smartphones really started offering some staggering capabilities – but there are currently quite a few models to choose from in this price band. Here’s some help for navigating your way through it all:

3. Smartphones

If you’re looking more towards the full spectrum of the smartphone market then this guide covers it all, from budget to absolute top-end.


4. DSLR Camera (Video Guide by Learning Cameras.com)

DSLR cameras are now offering excellent additional video functionality so that they are seriously rivaling mid-market camcorders for value and quality of output. Some tips for choosing the right model:

5. Tablets (Video guide by Guardian Tech)

Another good guide from the Guardian. Long gone are the days when it was either a Samsung Galaxy Tab or an iPad. There are now a number of other, highly credible, alternatives out there:

6. Console Games (Guide by Game Verb)

This time of year is silly season in terms of big budget games releases. Here is a rundown of some of the most high profile titles available.