There’s been a fair bit of chat this past week about Google+ (Google’s latest foray into social networking) following the product’s official launch, some of it speculative, some informed, and most somewhere in between the two. I have however come across one very good piece, over at Soshable, which really provides the only in-depth assessment that you currently need. The article nicely distils all the noisy stuff into a simple summary of 7 key points about Google+, discussing each one in a decent amount of detail.

So basically, what are the key factors currently defining what Google+ is? What could it become in the future and how does it compare with Facebook? The article answers these questions by focusing in turn on the following aspects:

1. Modern Interface (discussing Google+ features of Huddle and Circles)
2. Mobile focus (pointing out Facebook’s relative tardiness in developing and updating its mobile apps – especially on the iPad 2)
3. Local integration (aptly pointing out the difference between mobile and local – and the fact that, despite Facebook’s check-ins and Places, Google is much better positioned to offer local services owing to the wealth of data in its maps feature and other similar tools)
4. Google Hangout (currently looks way better than anything Facebook can offer right now)
5. Sparks (this section looks at the revenue model for Google+, which relies upon the Sparks feature and which, in summary, looks very good)
6. Focus and Failure (looking at Google’s experience with products such as Wave and how they might better market their latest ventures)
7. Walled garden vs Open range (pretty self explanatory really – Google+ has a great USP relative to Facebook in that, since it is much more open, it is likely to be far more attractive to both certain users, and many developers, than Facebook)

Anyway, that’s a short summary only – be sure to check out the full piece, it really does represent a great way to get a decent grip on Google+ in the 10 mins it takes to read it…