We here at EtonDigital make no secret of how much we like Drupal (check our blog for recent posts on the topic) and so it’s no surprise we’re quite liking the look of the newest addition to the Drupal product range – Drupal Gardens, which aims to remove the need for Drupal users to download code to run off their own servers, and instead offers a browser-based interface (much like WordPress) for managing blogging, forums, social integration and loads more.

Currently, Drupal Gardens is in invite-only beta testing mode, with general availability expected within the next few months (sign up at the DG homepage).

Drupal Gardens

Whatsmore all of these services will be free for the remainder of the year so don’t miss out on the chance to sample these handy tools for free (before the pricing structure is applied following full launch).

For more info check out the Drupal creator, Dries Buytaert’s, blog post on the topic – or Techcrunch’s excellent scoop.

(N.B. You can, of course, expect more coverage on this here as the Beta testing develops leading up to full launch – as well as the incorporation of Drupal Gardens into EtonDigital’s portfolio of tools and services).