As reported on PRWeb, published the list of Top 10 Symfony Development Companies in October, and Eton Digital achieved the best results. is an independent research firm focused on finding the best companies and agencies in the fields of web design.

Every month their research team gathers and compiles a list of the best Symfony Development companies around the world by investigating their accomplishments.

The team evaluates five areas:

  • speed
  • code integration
  • browser compatibility
  • up-to-date
  • customer support

As they explained:

“First, web development agencies are evaluated on their ability to develop at a comfortable speed that combines quality and the ability to provide the finished work in a short amount of time. Next, we review each vendor on how quickly and effectively they are able to understand written code and adapt to create new code.

Browser compatibility (…) focuses on the vendor’s ability to produce code that is able to be accessed from a variety of different browsers and platforms in order to ensure the largest number of users able to access the application.

Our fourth criterion reviews the vendor’s focus on keeping up to date with the latest updates on the framework and different features and tools used in development.

Finally, we evaluate each vendor’s customer support.”

How did we become number one?

Since 2004, we have been working very hard to offer the best solutions and to meet the needs of our clients in every possible way.

Below you can see how high our standards are, how much we invest in our creative and development teams, and what makes us number one. Our work speaks more about us than words.

  • SportLobster – Social network created for all sports
  • AlphaLinks – Professional investment  network
  • Any friend of Ours – Trusted social network for second/luxury homeowners
  • Funding Planet – Crowdfunding social network
  • Letterbanc – Social network for academic and professional advancement and development
  • We Connect Students – Social community that help students in their professional carriers by connecting them with mentors and employers
  • Synapse for NHS – Professional, invitation only, social network for postgraduate medical education that covers all London specialty schools
  • MoodiTood  – Social network and Mobile App for expressing your mood in a fun and easy way

As for the popularity and quality of Symfony PHP development, I believe that some of the largest and most successful companies and projects can answer the question. For instance, social bookmarking web service Delicious, a social shopping platform OpenSky, the largest knowledge market Yahoo! Answers, the world’s second largest video sharing website Daily Motion, Drupal, the multiplayer online game eRepublik, to name a few.

If you want to know why we choose and recommend Symfony PHP platform, read here.

For more on the ratings see the list.