We’re happy to share more great news with you! We have one more member under our brand, a microlearning platform EDeL.

Why did we build a microlearning platform? Online education is becoming an empowering tool for a growing number of corporations and companies.

Being familiar with the e-learning market requirements, we come up with a solution to many of the challenges the businesses in the e-learning industry face today. Having many successful web projects and educational platforms behind us, we decided to put effort and energy into building one of a kind microlearning platform.

Why Microlearning is an innovative model of learning online

In 2018, microlearning started to dominate the e-learning industry.

Business was looking for an effective e-learning online solution that will help users grasp new knowledge easily and quickly – anytime, anywhere and from any device. A new, strong trend was born.

#1 Economic approach to top quality education

Microlearning platforms and apps can be easily, rapidly and efficiently deployed in any organization, regardless of the size or industry. Business receive a cost-effective tool while learners are offered learning contents, distant education, online certificates and degree courses.

Learning in small chunks, and being able to get back to the learning lessons several times, the study and learning is objective driven and can be quickly deployed within different organizations.

#2 Microlearning brings learning to people

Learners from all parts of the world are getting an opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills at their preferred time, place and in their particular way.

One of the great advantage of elearning tools is that it can be implemented on any device. Learners can use videos, small games, quizzes, and infographics to study and test what they have learned quickly and effectively.

One more advantage is related to the method of learning. Microlearning modules are small and interactive and learning is implemented in tiny chunks. This method benefits learners by helping them grasp the modules quickly and repeating the lessons several times.

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#3 Microlearning platforms and apps enhance productivity and ROI

When applied in corporate training, microlearning platforms enhance productivity of employees and as a result increase ROI for organisations and businesses.

Using microlearning methods, strategies and interactive approach, employees are less fussy about going through a boring hour-long module.

Retention is better, knowledge can be easily tested the the result are provided quickly and statistically. Such learning lessons and training significantly assist in enhancing employee’s productivity and work ethic by enabling them to develop, test and sustain core skills and competencies.

#4 Cost-effective alternative to real classroom

Mircolearning platform is a dream educational institution.

eLearning platforms, apps and tools provide an opportunity to attend certification programs and classes from various educational institutions companies can partner with.

The learning process is flexible as one can obtain academic assistance and knowledge and take exams online.

Specific needs of learners can be addressed and courses and lessons can be written and created to focus on general or individual programs.

Learners can easily enroll in and take online courses whether they are created internally and serve companies internal needs and knowledge management, or externally by an educational institution.

What is EDeL microlearning platform?

EDeL is a microlearning online platform that helps you to gain new, valuable knowledge through set of actionable objectives. 

It walks you through an interactive map of knowledge providing media-rich experience, with quick quizzes at the end of every phase.

There are achievement badges for good results and email messages with reminders that provide motivation at each step of the course. 

At the end, you are awarded with a PDF certificate that contains all scores and achievements acquired during the course.

How do you learn with EDeL?

EDeL platform is designed and developed to provide activities and interactions to capture learners’ attention, making their learning process interactive and pleasant.

The platform’s dashboard is designed and developed as a tracking interface.

EDeL platform offers a simple and easy management of users and content

The Administrators register all users and provide them with login details. 

The platform can be easily customised and expanded with tailor-made solutions, ranging from multilingual capabilities to weekly reports, single sign on and other required features.

An example of a quiz question

The platform provides an intuitive and effective content management

Platform’s back-office supports the full management of course topics, pages, quizzes with their questions and answers, and other pieces of content.

Administrators can decide whether a subject (a lesson) is better explained through text, videos and images, or their combination.  

An example of topics within the specific learning segment/category

With EDeL platform, admins have a complete overview of users’ progress

The platform provides data about an average score and success rate of users on specific phases of the course.

The dashboard is a tracking interface. The course interface is organized in a clear and simple way to enable a learner to focus on tracking the progress. 

Interactive learning experience focused on the learner’s needs

Topics can contain different number of lessons presented in pages, and each page can contain different media-rich content to address a particular subject. 

You can upload supporting learning materials to each page/lesson such as text documents, sheets, slide presentations, images and zipped files.

An example of a question

Private learning experience

If you have sensitive and private data as part of the learning material explored in the course, you can choose a page or pages that should be private for specific groups of users and which should remain visible to all users.  

Tracking the learning progress

Attractive animated features show at which stage the learner is, marking the phases and quizzes that are successfully finished. 

Users have good visual and contextual orientation on how many phases they need to go through to finish the course and at any time they can take a break and return to the course when available again.  

Email reminders 

Users receive email notifications about the progress and smart learning reminders delivered to the inbox to help them stay in the loop with the course and learning phases.  

Knowledge Testing: Quizzes

Quizzes are quick tests for learners to assess whether they are ready to move forward or should go back to a particular learning section.  

After each learning phase, users take a quiz to test their knowledge. The results are shown as percentages for the correct answers and medals are awarded based on the achieved results. 

The bronze medal is given when a learner has more than 80% of correct answers, the silver when he has more than 90% and the gold when all answers are correct (100%).

Badges as symbols of accomplishments 

Learners receive badges, which hold motivational empowerment, for their results. These are awards and symbols of their accomplishments.

Thus, when a learner receives two silver medals in the first try, he receives the appropriate award presented in a badge that shows his great results.

An example of a certificate

Certificate as a proof of a successfully finished course

Learners receive certificates in PDF format at the end of the successfully finished course that contain all scores and achievements acquired during the course. They can easily access and download certificates from their profile. 

Technology behind EDeL platform

We developed the platform on Symfony PHP and AngularJS frameworks, which are the state of the art technologies providing ultimate flexibility, speed and reliability

The platform is structured as API-Centric application, with the APIs that enable easy integration with third party systems or expansions in future updates.

We developed the features and functionalists to support rich media and to be easily customizable.

Maps can have various shapes with colour coded phases and fully branded user interface. Each map can feature unique iconography related to the knowledge acquired on the course.

Our approach to design and development is always on providing intuitive user journeys and good UX.

Together, good UX and user journeys make different types of content easily accessible, uncluttered, and organized to match the user’s intention.

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