EtonDigital design for Air Valid EtonDigital is proud to announce the successful completion of three current projects.

The first design – for PMW LTD, features a WordPress Content Management System, and has already attracted praise from several online CSS galleries (including CSS Mania). Since its launch, average daily user numbers have increased from 20 to 600 when compared with the previous design. (PMW is an Essex-based, BMW and Mercedes service and repair specialist).

Secondly, we are delighted to announce the addition of a new feature to, for whom we recently provided a new homepage. We have now added a WordPress e-commerce solution in the form of Sprinbio Retail, which offers an easily manageable financial transaction facility, with fully integrated PayPal services. Sprintbio is a leader in environmentally friendly and efficient home heating and power solutions – now complete with an online web-store.

Finally, we can also announce the launch of Air-Valid – for whom we provided Web 2.0 design and CSS/HTML programming. Air-Valid is a leading analyst of the aviation industry with operations across the world.

We would like to thank both the ED team and all our clients for their hard work on making these projects a success.