So in case anyone hasn’t heard already at least twelve thousand times, Steve Jobs will be unveiling the highly-anticipated new tablet computer from Apple in just a few hours. Maybe it will revolutionise computing, or maybe it’ll fail to live up to the incessant media hye – who knows?

Whatever happens in the next few hours it will no doubt merit at least some time and attention from anyone even remotely interested in matters of web, technology and electronics, and with that in mind here’s a link to a live web feed of the event itself, courtesy of the good people at Endgadget. (Start time is around 6pm GMT so get onto it fairly soon…)


Dejan Levi

p.s. Like pretty much every single other blog out there, we will be discussing the details in depth – but only once we have them (one feels that there is already enough speculation and ‘artist’s impressions’ of the the tablet out these already…)