Let me put it this way: if you don’t have your curved pumpkin, an idea for a costume, or a collection of horror movies, and above all you need to have a Zombie selfie, you should read the list of apps which can help you enjoy your last minute Halloween party.

Costumes and Makeup

The highlight of Halloween is a great costume and cool makeup, and if you lack both, you are not too late to get yourself a great outfit. There is a good online shopping app that can help you get into the (party) spirit by helping you pick the perfect outfit, with an easy to use interface and a wide selection of great costumes – Halloween Costumes. Another one is Digital Dudz, an app that helps you combine your costume with a number of special effects (cyborg eyeball).  It is free for iOS and Android – all you need is a smartphone – download the app, choose your scary effect, and hide your phone in your costume (the hardest part is to build your costume or mask, but the developers offer some outfits).

If you need a makeup idea, you can try Horror Makeup Free with videos and photographic instruction on how to make zombies, cuts, abrasions and more. Fantasy Makeup is another app with a great collection of 100 original designs.

Pumpkin Carving and Party

If you’re prepared, you already have a pumpkin; however, if you’re not, there are some easy to use apps that can help you get through Halloween decorations. The easiest way to start is to look into some ideas for carving, and 101 Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Android and Halloween Pumpkin Carving Patterns for iOS, are good places to start with.  If you are hosting a party at the last minute, search through Halloween Recipes Book App or All Recipe Dinner Spinner.

Halloween Recipes Book App   Android Apps on Google Play

Games and Movies

If you choose to stay in and have a horror night at home, you should probably get started with horror movie collection, and the place to start is 100 Horror Films and Classic Horror Movies (1900s). FXNOW for iOS offers a good collection of horror movies, if you, for instance, missed an episode of American Horror Story (although it is an on-demand service featuring The Simpsons).

Trigger Zombie Waves Strike 3D is a FPS game with good graphics. Easy to control and play, with the headphones on, it might be an adrenalin horror-like experience for you to stay in a holiday spirit. Kids especially have many games to enjoy, Halloween Games, a collection of nine puzzle-style game (adults can play it too), Spooky Manor, a mystery game, or MMO games, such as Guild Wars 2 or World of Warcraft. As for interesting and educational games for children, Halloween counting & words game is an iPad free app with 8 different learning games for math, spelling and vocabulary. Halloween eBook lets the children upload their own photos to end the story, and WordSearch Halloween has 200 puzzles to encourage the children to learn various vocabulary.  Finally, there is Limbo, a puzzler game that guides a little boy through a dark world in search of his sister.

Limbo iMut8r

Halloween photo apps

With Zombies growing in popularity, everyone should have at least one Zombie selfie, right? With Zoombiebooth1 and Zoombiebooth2, you have a chance to see the undead version of you.

You can share these photos with family and friends and give them a thrill, or you can turn your pets or family into zombies as well. And what is a picture without a zombie, right?  With Insert a Zombie, you can transform your pictures with one of the 110 zombies. GhostCapture is an app similar to the previous one, but it helps you create a good ghost picture. It has some good editing tools, and you can create your own ghosts, which is somewhat cool. iMut8r is a good app that’s going to help you turn from a witch, into a zombie witch, for instance. The app has 9 characters you can choose from to get a few laughs.

Anything I forgot to mention? Anything you wish to add to a list of last minute apps for Halloween?