Most of us will agree that while the festive season often entails lots of fun – it also usually requires a fair bit of work and organisation. With that in mind, here are my top 5 Android apps to help you ensure that as much time as possible is spent on the fun stuff (but please don’t expect miracles – technology still can’t peel your carrots or chop veg for your Christmas dinner…)

1. Christmas Gift List

There are plenty of free gift list apps but this is the best of the lot in my opinion. A nice interface which helps you ensure you manage your budget, don’t forget anyone and generally avoid scribbling lists on the back of napkins which inevitably end up lost. Good email and Evernote integration as well so you can share lists with other family members or friends if buying jointly.

2. Christmas Cards Lite

If you fancy saving a bit of paper why not make digital Christmas cards using your photos and this easy-to-use app? There’s not much in the way of fancy features but the frames and decorations provided ensure it’s pretty simple to jazz up your photos with a Christmas theme and send to contacts in your phone book.

3. Classic Christmas Songs

A great way of generating some festive atmosphere! Contains a reasonable selection of classic Christmas tunes which you can use in various ways (as ring, alarm or notification tones for example).

4. Open Secret Santa

Makes organizing the office Secret Santa a lot easier. Simply add contacts from your phone and then use the app to pair up Secret Santa assignments. You can add exclusions if you wish (i.e. to avoid pairing couples or siblings etc) and then simply use one button to notify everybody of their assignment. Also good for sending reminders and coordinating the actual present-giving.

5. Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper

Another fun one to help you get in the mood by giving your phone a festive theme over the holidays. Does what you’d expect – offering a range of backgrounds, wallpapers and themes around the themes of snow, Christmas, winter and the holidays.

For those looking further ahead to New Year’s Eve, it is also worth checking if your city has a dedicated app on offer for making the most of your evening. Sydney, for example, has just launched a dedicated NYE planner app with extensive info on all events happening across the city, as well as valuable practical updates around weather and transport.