This month, a new business-focused social network was launched. We had the pleasure of designing and building The Marque (pronounced ‘mark’), a success-based online business network for business leaders.

Our desire to connect goes hand in hand with the increasing value of networking.

The development of online social networks come as no surprise as people are constantly searching for more meaningful ways to interact. Modern businesses rely on networking opportunities, regardless of the industry.

We have seen this while working on many great projects in the social networking niche. The desire to connect and share is certainly encouraging the development of social platforms.

Moreover, as much as networking is valued and desired, so is the community built around the network, which is particularly important for businesses.

The Marque business network

Professional networking, once limited to face-to-face interaction, has a major role in the social networking world.Although many still actively use sites such as Facebook or Twitter and particularly LinkedIn for professional networking, an increasing number of alternative social platforms are beginning to appear.

Both businesses and professionals are searching for a more focused online environment to connect and share. 

The Marque was founded by Andrew Wessels who began his career at JP Morgan Asset Management. He also co-founded Storm Solutions, his own telecoms business, and has been involved in a number of start-ups, including Marquis Jets.

The Marque Business Network

Why Users Need The Marque

The platform was launched with 60 founding Members, including Dominic Murphy (Head of UK & Ireland, KKR), Johnny Hornby (Chairman and CEO, The&Partnership), Nadja Swarovski (Executive Board Member, Swarovski), and Ric Lewis (CEO, Tristan Capital Partners).

“After many conversations with people from all walks of life, it has become apparent that the changing internet landscape is presenting a number of real issues for people, particularly around information accuracy, security, and data privacy. These issues are particularly pertinent to successful individuals who find themselves regularly talked about in the public domain, or have found themselves reluctant to use the internet for fear of the risks associated with it”, explains Andrew Wessels.

In terms of business networking, The Marque might be seen as an alternative to LinkedIn. However, the recommendation-only network provides its Members with three unique benefits: a private online platform for networking, a managed public profile, and business intelligence via bespoke newsfeeds.

“We established The Marque to ensure that our Members can confidently know that they are being accurately represented online and can still benefit from the advantages the internet provides to expand their network, all within a trusted environment.

The Marque business  social network

The Marque public profiles are promoted on Google using industry-leading SEO techniques to improve the visibility of the Member’s profile. We want The Marque’s public profiles to become the de-facto source of business information about them online.”

Focused social networks are encouraging discussion, collaboration, and new experiences; these platforms provide meaningful relationships and create a strong social community of like-minded individuals.

Nevertheless, for high-achieving individuals, it’s crucial to provide networking opportunities within a secure and trusted environment. With the network, Members benefit from an accurate and up-to-date online profile that they control, with support from a dedicated Relationship Manager.

Furthermore, “the recommendation only process ensures that the network continues to expand, albeit in a controlled manner, and to join, you must be recommended by an existing member.”

The Marque launched in April 2015 and already has a powerful membership base in London. The network will continue to expand internationally in the coming months.

“In three years’ time, The Marque will have a global membership base of successful individuals, all of whom will use and trust our platform for its business intelligence and a high-quality network.”