CoinaPhoto, a network for photographers that we had a pleasure of creating, is launching a new photography competition Mobile Christmas to celebrate their new iOS app.

If you are new to this niche network, in short, this is a network specifically designed for photographers, both professionals and amateurs, which goes beyond simple trend of photo sharing – it’s a network that rewards you for your creative work. As a place and community where you can gain recognition and financial reward, with their new iOS app, you get to share your photos on the move.

The network launched in June and received a great interest from those interested in this art form. They introduced a unique idea of rewarding system, where you get to sell and purchase CoinaPhoto tokens you can later use to buy photographs or to give them to a photographer you like or the cause you support (these tokens can be redeemed for US dollars).

The app we created offers all the features and functionalities of the website, which is a user-friendly interface, quick and easy access to creative content, a fast access to private and public image gallery, and photo search by keywords, users and categories. Apart from Facebook, Twitter and Google plus integration, Instagram is a new addition to social media sharing options. You can download an app here.

The new seasonal photography competition the Mobile Christmas gives you a chance to win $1000 worth of Amazon vouchers (with $500 for the first prize, $300 for the second and $200 for the third) you can spend on photography equipment. If this is your type of challenge, you can enter the completion either from the website or the iOS app, and to participate you will have to log in to and share your best Christmas photos captured with your phone uploading it to the public library under “Mobile Christmas” tag (more on conditions see T&Cs) .

The competition is closing on Monday, 22nd December, and the winner will be announced on the New Year.

The only condition is to capture the Christmas moment with your mobile device.

If you are uploading your photo via CoinaPhoto iOS app, go visit their blog for more information.

To see how easy you can become a member of this community, check out the video below.