April is the month when I double-read the news. I check twice, even three times, for sources and confirmation for almost everything I read.

This month was not about April fool’s day gags, jokes and pranks, it never is and it never was, though it would be good if some news were just April fool’s day pranks.

#myNYPD, yet another social media lesson, or don’t mess with twitters? Twitter is a powerful media, many should have acknowledged that by now, and although campaigning on Twitter may seem simple, effortless and easy, surely this is far from the truth.

We have witnessed many Twitter campaigns going down the drain, however, The New York Police Department’s call for support campaign is the one we are going to remember for a long time. Asking followers to tweet photos of themselves with the officers of NYC police, under the hashtag #my NYPD, was not nearly what they had expected.

Many people used this hashtag to point out police brutality by posting pictures of the NYPD’s aggressive actions.  What started as a campaign to create closer ties with the public, emerged as an anti-police campaign. So, “Do you have a photo w/ a member of the NYPD?” tweet from NYPD News (that may be featured on their Facebook) pictured serious police violence.

The commissioner of the New York Police Department however said that he kind of welcomed the attention and that the photos are “old news.” There have been photos of citizens posing peacefully, however, this should not be old news.

Is Internet Explorer’s bug a serious one? Apparently, especially for Windows XP users. After Microsoft revealed the vulnerability of its web browser, and some security firms issued their own alerts, even Homeland Security warned users not to use the browser. The threat is a serious one, and dangerous, allowing bad people to gain complete access to PCs via a malicious website. Given that Microsoft ended support for XP, this just may be the right time for other browsers to step in and steal some Microsoft supporters. Now, this is an especially good opportunity for Firefox.

Once again, is Google plus on moribund? Everything that happens to Google seems melodramatic, at least according to journalists. After Vic Gundotra announced that he would be leaving the company, the Internet was flooded with sensational and dramatic articles of yet another death of Google plus.

What may be the most interesting thing related to Gundotra’s announcement is that mostly journalists are thinking that Google plus is over. Users, however, have been trying to explain to journalists that, firstly, they are becoming lazy and unprofessional by writing sensational articles without proper source or comment, and secondly, that Google plus is going to be even better and mightier, so to speak. Certainly, there are those that are negative towards Google plus, as always. The question is: who should we believe? And what’s going on with journalism?

Now that Atari E.T. games are found, we do not have an urban legend we can tell anymore, but we’ll have one independent movie (Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie) and one documentary to see. Everyone knows the story of how E.T game was a monumental disaster, and how Atari buried millions of unsold copies (14 truckloads) somewhere in the New Mexico desert (though the New York Times knew where back then), however, we have waited 31 years to see if the legend was true. And, why again did we wait?  Why was this important? Perhaps because an early history of video game industry was not well recorded. Or perhaps, once only children’s pastime is now the worldwide attraction. Or, perhaps, because Xbox Entertainment Studio is filming the documentary.  Whatever the reasons were, it seems video games fans have a list of games that should have been buried as well.

Are we witnessing a new approach to political campaigning? Matt Rosendale, a Republican candidate for Congress in Montana, has a new approach to attract supporters. Instead of family and religious rhetoric, he shoots a drone, because drones are sent to spy on people.  When it comes to government spying, this is what he thinks about it (placing the rifle on shoulder):

“Spying on our citizens? That’s just wrong”, Rosendale concludes. What will happen if he shoots an Amazon mailman drone? I am very eager to see the results of his campaign.

While some news still may sound like April fool’s day pranks, other news are in fact truthful and great. We know the cast for Star Wars: Episode VII.