We are thrilled to present you all new design for the Marque, a social network for the creative leaders and the world’s most successful people. 

The Marque launched in 2015 in the UK and US, and a year later in Hong Kong.

When the network launched, it was dubbed LinkedIn for the most successful people. However, the Marque provides a private online networking experience. As an invite-only network, the members themselves curate the membership, building a powerful member base and creating meaningful connections across different industries. 

The members are some of the most successful leaders across a broad range of industries. CEOs and founders of many companies, such as the Bank of America Merrill Lynch, IBM, Coca-Cola, J.P.Morgan, Swarovski, DIAGEO, Rothschild, KKR, and Blackstone, to name a few, are already using the many benefits of the network.

The Marque business network

What sets the Marque apart from other business networks

All social networks seek our attention, but do they offer the experience we need?

When it comes to the busiest people in the world, maintaining an online reputation and presence can be challenging. Moreover, meaningful connections and collaboration on social media are almost impossible.

What if someone could do the social networking for you? This is where the Marque comes in.

In-house copywriters and a dedicated relationship manager ensure the members are represented with the same clarity online as they are in the real life.  The SEO team monitors the web daily, updating the profile with the latest news about the member and their business interests. Furthermore, the members receive personalized reports with the number of profile views and search engine ranking position.

In the modern world, your first impression is usually a digital one. Our opinions are formed based on the material we find online. This can be an asset if you are in control of the information displayed when you are searched for on the Web.

With the Marque, online reputation is controlled by the members and managed by a dedicated team.

The Marque business network

With the management team behind and business intelligence delivered to their newsfeeds, the members are represented online in a definitive way.

How can members build new connections?

When recommending new members, the Marque members are encouraged to introduce those who are interested in meeting new people outside their business network. The success attribute in the success-based network should not be understood in terms of wealth, but rather the accomplishments related to business, arts, sport, culture, and media. That’s why the members are encouraged to invite people who are looking for new challenges and inspiration. 

To get more benefits from the network, the members can access the Deal Board and browse exclusive Events. The Deal Board is a dedicated space where members can explore investment opportunities, and thus to invest in deals that are backed by the world’s most successful people.

The members can also enjoy networking in a more relaxing atmosphere, offline. The Marque organizes exclusive events for the members to create real-life partnerships and connections.

How can you join?

Access to the Marque Global in only via current members, but you can still join the network and sign up for a profile page. This is a good opportunity for all ambitious entrepreneurs to join the network and enhance their online reputation, bringing more visibility and popularity to their online business life.

We had a great opportunity to work with the Marque founder on developing a success-based social network for the most influential people, and now, on redesigning and implementing new functionalities.

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