Are you ready for another amazing year of product design trends that awaits us?

Every year brings new trends and styles in product design. We asked our incredible team of designers to share their views on the biggest product design trends in 2020.

If you are looking to find out more about the trends that will be seen everywhere and that our designers like the most, here is what you need to know.

Simplified illustrations

Danka: Illustrations represent a big part of any design, however in 2020 the way they look and feel will be slightly changed. 2020 will certainly be the year of simplified illustrations, so if you want to use illustrations – choose simplified ones!

Simplified illustrations will become more popular in 2020 because they can be very creative and diverse. Illustrators can use them very easily to express themselves and to create a unique style without being restricted by different principles and rules

These illustrations are often childish and sketchy, but this has many advantages. One of the biggest advantages is that although they are easy to consume, they can convey serious and complex messages and ideas in a very creative way.

Source: Eran Mendel, Dribbble

Isometric illustrations

Stefan: Isometric illustrations have been around for a long time and they are not a new trend. The main reason why they still remain one of the popular product design trends in 2020 is that they add a touch of realism to an otherwise fictive surface (such as a website page).

Isometric illustrations have the ability to add value to any design because they use one psychological trick. When you can see all the surfaces of an object, you want to know more about that object instinctively – and this trick works wonders. By opening up a third dimension in an illustration, you add more space to showcase visual metaphors to a user a lot better.

If you are looking for a way to use isometric illustrations, they are best used for projects where you want to keep things simple, yet to also add depth.

Source: Peter Tarka, Dribbble


Maja: There is no doubt that in order to create more innovative and modern compositions, we have been experiencing the expansion of typography – which is currently reaching its peak as a significant part of web design. Bold, heavy typography (which is personally my favorite) is overwhelming top-notch designs, including the package designs. 

In 2020, bold typography will be so bold that designers will probably split words into separate rows. Even letters may go beyond the composition’s edges in some cases! Combined with artistic fonts, those letters will be used as a great way to grab the attention of the user. 

Another great way to keep the user on the page is to use interactive typography, which is already flooding the modern web design.

I assume that the outline typography will continue to be emphasized, as it’s very attractive if used in a proper way (without producing the readability loss). Another trend regarding typography will be drawing shapes using text. You might have already noticed circle-based text, twisted sentences that are following the curve of some 2D or even 3D element. Sometimes these look like animated badges!

Source: Piano Trio Fest

3D and realism

Zlata: Using 3D depth and realism will be my favourite trend in 2020.

This trend is a bit more demanding and time-consuming when compared to working on ordinary graphics. However, since the third dimension gives you an opportunity to play around a bit and to use your imagination, it is definitely worth it. You can play with different textures, lights, gravity, etc. You can even have fun with the behaviour of various materials in different environments!

What is important to mention is that 3D was becoming popular even in 2019 and you could have achieved a similar look by imitating the 3D principles. However, for the 3D and realism trend that is coming, you will have to know how to use some additional pieces of software, which makes this whole process even more challenging.

Source: Guillaume Kurkdjian, Dribbble

Attention to detail

Saša: It seems to me that there are no completely new trends – just recycling of the old ones or re-interpretation of something that we already saw before. 

The only thing that I see as a “new trend” is insisting on details and little things that make a design a perfect one. This can be a perfectly styled illustration or a minimal animation or refined new typography (which is always extremely time-consuming). Whatever the case may be, it is done with care and thinking.

When it comes to the product design trends, I believe that we should not use trends straight away, but wait a bit, let them be proven on the market and then use them (but only if really need them). Anything that does not have justification or function doesn’t have a place in design.

It’s your turn

Some product design trends may change every year, but there are certainly several that are here to stay. 

What do you think – what product design trends will be the most popular in 2020? Do you have any favourites?