• Procurious


    Social network and eLearning platform for procurement professionals

  • Nissan Ireland

    Nissan Ireland

    Official website of Nissan Ireland

  • Super Coucou

    Super Coucou

    Fully automated travel platform made to simplify the booking process for both users and suppliers. It provides all from booking to sharing content and collaborating with friends.

  • Sportlobster


    Social network that provides everything a Sports fan needs, all in one place.

  • Jumble Trail

    Jumble Trail

    Online platform for organizing and finding jumble sales in your neighboorhood.

  • The Marque

    The Marque

    The Marque is a unique service that manages customised, comprehensive digital profiles for individuals who have multiple business interests, executive officers, management committees and their boards. The Marque provides their clients with the opportunity to control how they are presented in the complex digital landscape.

  • Hyundai Challenge

    Hyundai Challenge

    Online tool for potential buyers that helps them in no time to obtain information about their old car and compare it to a new Hyundai model, and see how much would cost them to upgrade.

  • MediaPaedia


    Corporate website for a digital media technology and consultancy company.