This is a simple fact: the most famous world’s brands are using Drupal. Interested to learn more about popular Drupal projects?

According to, Drupal has shown as best CMS for high traffic websites, and currently, there are more than million websites strolling around the web supported by the Drupal and its community.

There’s no longer a question whether Drupal is popular in specific industries as more and more businesses are seeing the benefits of a powerful CMS.

Developers of Tesla motors, Pinterest, the US Government, Lamborghini, and different software companies are all preferring Drupal over other content management systems.

Why do brands choose Drupal?

Drupal is not limited to any kind of projects and it can be used to build the wide range of different sites:

  • Community portal sites
  • Intranet/Corporate sites
  • E-commerce sites
  • Resource directories
  • Social networking sites
  • Personal sites corporate Web sites
  • Corporate websites
  • Blogs, art, portfolio, music, multimedia sites

Drupal offers you:

  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Extendible module-based architecture
  • Availability of wide range of popular Drupal modules

What do these websites have in common? These brands want a secure and intuitive online environment for their users.

Let’s browse the list of the popular Drupal projects

#1 Tesla

What do you see first when you land on Tesla website? It’s a fully responsive HTML5 video that will surely impress viewers.

Tesla’s goal is to produce increasingly affordable electric cars for mainstream buyers.

Drupal most famous websites
The attractive web solution is a result of the collaboration between Drupal and Aqua

The website is, as you already assume, built with Drupal which provides a world-class platform to showcase Tesla’s amazing automobiles, foster community among customers, and share news and product details as they develop.

The attractive web solution came from a collaboration between Drupal and Aqua.

#2 Tourism Fiji

Fiji website gives you the wonderful culture, tropical vibes, incredible islands and its beaches and other attractive content dedicated to attracting tourists. It offers a wealth of information and planning tools for the perfect vacation.

drupal most famous website
One of the popular Drupal projects with around 3M site visitors

Before updating the previous version of the site, Tourism.fiji had 327,751 site visitors. Only a month after launching the updated website with Drupal, the number of visitors has increased up to 692% with more than 2,268,000 site visitors.

#3 Whole Foods Market

The Whole Foods Market website is responsive, colorful, interactive and engaging. It will draw your attention because it is an intuitive and well-designed presentation of their business.

Drupal famous websites
Whole Foods website attracts your interest with appealing images and interesting content 

All sections have multiple, cool appearance that sends modern vibes to a user. From recipes to articles about promoting the healthy lifestyle and eating, Drupal made the whole package that will certainly end up in your bookmark folder.

#4 Pinterest Blog

As you probably know, Pinterest, the world’s largest catalog of ideas, is a personalized social place that lets you satisfy your creative urge and help you find inspiration. So far, there are more than 75 billion Pins on board, and millions of users every day.

Browse Pinterest to get inspiration and ideas
Browse Pinterest to get inspiration and ideas

Drupal is used to help present news, updates and Pinterest community. Pinterest blog sections are dedicated to users who want to share their experience, tips on how to get the best from the network, while there’s also a section about Pinterest Engineering.

#5 Lush

Elegant, sophisticated and intuitive are the words that describe this handmade soap company website built on Drupal.

drupal most famous website
The attractive Drupal website that attracts millions of customers

Until today, Lush’s developers use Drupal to create a place for stories to millions of their customers who are visiting the websites daily.

#6 The Economist

Numerous publishing platforms are using Drupal as their CMS as they need a powerful tool to quickly and easily enable the access to information and data. Drupal was a perfect fit for redesigning the Economist’s website.

drupal most famous websites
Drupal was a perfect fit for redesigning The Economist website

Drupal can support the unique apps and features that allow editors from all over the planet to create and distribute the news.

Among other features, The Economist offers tools that will help to find tutorials and educational programs. The Executive Education Navigator is the first-of-its-kind search and discovery tool launched by The Economist Careers Network to aid executives to search for their ideal executive education programs.

#7 Warner Music Group

Like so many other websites that draw in millions of daily visits, Warner Music wanted a more flexible platform that can manage massive traffic and Drupal was their first choice. WMG joined 73 percent of the top media companies who are using Drupal including Walt Disney, Time, Fox, and CBS.

drupal most famous websites
The site today deals with 300 million visits on a DAILY basis

#8 Australian government

Australia has 100 government departments across the country and they certainly wanted a powerful CMS that can meet the needs of users. They chose Drupal to enhance all digital services they are offering to the millions of Australian citizens.

the best drupal websites
The site is dedicated to providing all kinds of state services from immigration to job offerings

The website is clear and concise and content is divided smartly to give important information first.

#9 White House

Drupal is a popular choice for government websites and projects. The website is in a certain way a daily journal of the president’s activities, and therefore an interesting source of news.

drupal most famous websites
The website is sort of a newsstand about president activities

Besides, it is also the presentation of the governmental activities and projects. Thus, you need a site that has to be fast, secure, intuitive, with a good structure and easily available for users because thousands of people are coming to the website to engage with White House officials.

#10 Greenpeace

With millions of site visitors and thousands of requests for volunteering every year, Greenpeace needed a website that could meet the needs of each user and request.

drupal most famous websites
The Greenwire is one of the Drupal projects that connects employees and volunteers around the globe 

The Greenwire platform allows employees and volunteers to contact and talk with each other, exchange ideas, and make plans for events, campaigns, or actions. Drupal was a perfect choice for implementing the flexible, scalable, global solution that has changed the way the users communicate and collaborate.

#11 BBC good food

BBC good food has moved to Drupal with a desire to increase its social sharing and product sales.

drupal most famous websites
The social shares of the recipes have increased by almost 500 percent after launching the responsive version

Since redesign and redevelopment, the site saw a significantly higher number of visits, in particular, the social shares of the recipes increased by almost 500 percent. After launching the responsive version, website overtook the desktop version users.

#12 redhat

Redhat’s website is designed to gather together people who believe in sharing knowledge and collaboration in solving problems. It’s created to build a community.

drupal most famous websites
Drupal’s open source nature and unique ability to combine content and community was a logical choice 

The best way to stay on the right path is to choose to work with open source tools and companies that share your vision. Therefore, Drupal’s open source nature and unique ability to combine content and community were a natural choice for their project.

#13 Youth on record

Youth on Record is dedicated to empowering high school students, especially those at-risk and underprivileged, to succeed through musical programs.

Youth on record, one of the most visited Drupal projects
The goal of the site was primarily to increase the organization and visibility

The site had a lot of content to provide to its audience, but the content and sections were not well organized nor easy to navigate until Drupal 8 increased the site’s functionality.

#14 Savant

Savant was founded in 2005 with the desire to provide the best experience in home automation.

Savant was founded in 2005 with the desire to provide the best experience in home automation.
In this case, Drupal ensures the longevity of the platform and technical flexibility

The choice was easy – Drupal ensures the longevity of the platform, technical flexibility, and unwavering performance. The result is a modern, effective and unique approach to user experience.

#15 Timex

Timex is a well-known brand of watches and one of the interesting Drupal websites. The brand wanted a website that would represent their values, offer a simple and intuitive navigation, and attractive and engaging content.

Timex wanted Drupal to develop their digital presentation that would reflect a shopper’s passion to own the perfect watch. This is the result:

drupal most famous websites
One of the popular Drupal websites that enables easy access and good navigation 

There are over 1 billion websites on the world wide web today. Join brands that understand the power of a good CMS.

#16 NBA

From the real-time scores to live broadcastings, NBA’s websites needed a flexibility and endurance to maintain millions of visits, so they’ve found the best solution in Drupal CMS.

drupal websites
Drupal is a powerful CMS that can maintain millions of users

Besides regular news, updates and other features, this website offers an online NBA game tickets sale along with a memorabilia shop.

#17 Puma

The Puma’s website is built on Drupal and acts like multisite where each country has its own version.

drupal webistes
Drupal CMS is great for any multisite project

Puma needed a strong and reliable CMS, so they choose Drupal to increase their scalability and reach more customers.

#18 eBay

One of the world’s market giants eBay has chosen Drupal for maintaining the company’s website.

drupal websites
eBay chose Drupal for one of their websites

They use Drupal CMS for publishing news and announcements, as well as for representing the company’s goals and values.

#19 Doctors without borders

This renowned organization uses Drupal CMS for their online presence.

drupal websites
They use Drupal CMS to present their activities and fundraisings

The website offers news and stories sections as well as the possibility for users to donate and support the events and actions of the organization.

Do you have a suggestion for our list? 

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