Jumble Trail is the brainchild of Martina Randles who has always found delight in bargain hunting and repurposing other people's pre-loved clothes and accessories. She set up her first jumble sale in 2013 as a way of bringing something to the community she was living in and soon discovered that it was a great opportunity to spend time with people in the neighborhood, find hidden treasures and make a little money.

This jumble sale was actually the starting point for jumble trail’s website, which came out of the need to make the whole process easier - so that anyone can start jumble trail and spread the word, or just find a jumble in their neighborhood and join to sell their things. As people register online a map is created to show who's selling what, where their stall is, and even post pictures of their wares.



During our workshop with the clients we analysed all their requirements and came up with initial wireframe sketches and user stories.


Wireframing user journeys - signup process


Examples of brainstormed user stories

Wireframing user journeys - signup process

Examples of brainstormed user stories


The layout of the site was designed with ease of use in mind - it’s easy to get into, search or create an event, since the site audience is very diverse and lots of users are inexperienced in some advanced browsing techniques.

The website has lots of illustrations which were all hand drawn and scanned. Icons are also custom made and drawn to follow the overall style of the website.


Search bar, with options to narrow results by distance and time

Landing page

Landing page with prominent search box and photo background with changing photos upon page refresh. Imagery showing inviting, fun and friendly jumble atmosphere.
Scrolling down presents user with illustrated tour explaining the website.



Every Jumble Trail (event) has its own page where users can see details of the event, join and register their stall by filling in the simple form or just follow the event in order to receive the event notifications. Users are also able to share the event and invite more people via email or on social networks- Facebook and Twitter.


Event map with pins (marking stall holders) and category filters

Event info

Days remaining until start of the event

Weather conditions for event location. Full forecast links to Yahoo weather.

Join the event

Share the event

Jumbletrail Jumbletrail
Live events

If there is an ongoing event in the user’s neighborhood they will see the Live label appearing directly on landing page menu. Geolocation of every user is recognized by its IP number, and default output is rendered upon this.


Google maps

We are proud of extensive usage of Google maps, customized on several levels - custom pins, custom info boxes, customized and variable zoom factor. If there are many events in a small area, they are clustered, so that visitors can see the number when it’s zoomed out.


Stall Holders

Just fill in a simple form and become part of the event as a stall holder. Each stall holder has to choose at least one category for his stall. Every category has a different color, therefore the map presents different colored pins (i.e. blue for general, yellow for children), so users can quickly scan and notice categories or filter stalls by them.


Stall holders can also add images of their stuff and download and print promotional material to bring more people to the event.

Organizer’s dashboard

If you’re organising a Jumble Trail, you can charge a fee for people to sign up and join in – this could be to cover the cost of promotional flyers, or perhaps to raise money for a local charity. And of course, once the trail you are organising is online and live, you can publicise the trail as much as you like and get as many people involved as possible – as sellers, buyers or browsers.

Promote event

As a true organizer, you can send mass-mails to all sellers, sharing news, or giving them instructions on how to advertise the event. You may even print the leaflets of the event right from the site - it will be pre-populated with all the details like location, timing, etc..

Follow to-do checklist

We even have a checklist to guide the organizer through the whole process. The organizer's job is hard, and we are trying to make their life easier as much as possible!


Users can send messages between each other, or in case of jumble organizer - to message any stallholder individually, but also have an option to message all event stallholders at once.



The Discussion page has the list of posts along with their comments. The users are able to ask any question regarding JT and there is also an option to share the posts on FB/TW.


Programming languages:
PHP, JavaScript

symfony Elasticsearch Sass Bootstrap

Final product

The Jumble Trail platform has helped to connect hundreds of neighborhoods, reinvent the world of jumble sales, and bring it to the next level making it very easy and accessible for everyone.


Next project:


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