MyWorkMode founder approached Eton Digital to design and develop a social platform that would bring a different approach to the idea of home care by easily connecting healthcare workers and families, individuals or businesses that need the qualified, trusted care workers. MyWorkMode platform was created to minimize the time in finding the right carer in the local area while securing the improved quality of life for both carers and employers. Tokens were introduced as a currency to ease the process of booking and contact, while a special attention was given to the security and anonymity.

Discovery & prototyping

We met with the client to discuss the idea and requirements, and our workshop resulted in us fully understanding the business requirements of the startup and the needs of the users. After the initial meetings, we created a detailed sitemap, the user flows for each user type, product backlog, and design style, which we used to create a complete company branding placing a special attention on the user journey that had to be effective and delightful. Our focus was on creating an easy and engaging UX and cover both the social and the booking platform aspect.

Designing user interface

The core idea of the design for this project is focus on the action and users engagement. With design, we have created an effective and delightful user journey, steering visitors towards their goal.


We have designed the logo combining the heart shape symbol and an inverted-drop-shaped pin icon. These two symbols were an inspiration for us to create an association with the ideas of healthcare and locality. The heart in its symbolic sense is a center of emotion and the pin ideograph serves as a connection point to a net and represents the idea of safety.


MyWorkMode has a specific target audience, and our approach to branding and visuals was to use warm colors to create a user-friendly, undemanding and clear interface that responds to the users’ needs and invite them to act. The combination of purple and green was also our choice to create a distinction between genders as it is important for the business performance. We used yellow to complement the warm and inviting experience.

custom made icons

We designed simple, attractive custom illustrations to create a more engaging and intuitive UI. The icons are adding more delight to the user journey, guiding them easily through the platform features. Using this straightforward form of communication represented in illustrations, the design grabs the attention and brings a recognizable and memorable impression and experience.

material design

MyWorkMode uses Material Design because of it’s adaptable system of components and tools that support the best user experience. Components that we have used such as text fields, font icons, checkbox, radio buttons, toggle, drop down menu, snackbar and slider are simple and clean and we have stylized them to fit the user interface design of the MyWorkMode platform.


Animation is a trendy, fun and user friendly approach to good UX. We have created small, simple animations that are engaging and interesting to users, to give the platform a playful quality. OUr focus was to integrate animation to be natural and logical for the user, to emphasize parts of the user interface but without distracting the user from content and action.

My Work Mode
My Work Mode
My Work Mode

Map & Filtering

MyWorkMode was envisioned as a simple, flexible and transparent way for carers and employers to connect and find a first available carer and quality support. Locating carers is a fast and easy task. When the user enters the desired location, all carers are shown on the map. To specify the search, the employer can apply different filters, such as radius, gender, and availability. The pins on the map provide more details for the interested employers, as by clicking on the pin, one can see the carer’s profile, see the rating and read reviews before deciding to send a booking request.


We created an effortless and easily manageable booking functionality. Once the employer finds the preferred carer, he uses the tokens to send the booking enquiry specifying timing, number of hours, and rate pay and inserts the personal information, his address and a phone number. After the booking is accepted, the employer is able to see the carer’s full profile. Carers are free to set their own rates when putting themselves forward for roles, based on their experience and requirements. Employers are also free to suggest the rate per hour they are willing to pay.


One of the project's business requirements was to enable the users to be anonymous once the engagement period ends. Once the job assignment is completed, the personal information is no longer available to the users who have established a work engagement.


Security is the priority for this type of service. The carers and employers go through a detailed background check. Their identity, professional references, qualifications, criminal record checks and company status are verified by the administrator before they can join the platform. Once verified, their profiles are approved. To ensure the highest quality of service, all personal information provided by the carers and the employers is hidden until the booking is accepted.


Payment & Tokens

MyWorkMode uses booking tokens trading at parity to British pounds. The booking tokens are introduced to be a convenient and consistent unit and an easy way for users to utilize the platform. To send the booking enquiry and to contact the carer, the employer uses tokens as a payment method. The employers are charged only if the booking is accepted.


Once the engagement ends, the carer receives the notification to send an invoice to the employer who is paying the carer directly and only for the hours worked. The employer receives the notification once the invoice is sent and can find it in the My Bookings section.


Rating and reviews

User reviews are proven security drivers, and something users will want to see before making a decision. This feature enables the users to make trusted, unambiguous decisions before they send the booking enquiry and supports and promotes safety, reliability, and confidence in the service. After the engagement ends, both users receive the email reminder to review and rate the experience. The reviews and ratings are shown on the users’ profiles to help both the employer and the carer choose the right person with whom they want to work with.

Responsive design

We have invested a great deal of time to gain a deep knowledge of the needs and wants of the end users and to offer the design solution that is fluid, straightforward and that invites the users to engage. With a smooth, easy-to-use interface, the booking and search functionalities are user-friendly and effortless and are serving the users across all devices.


Programming languages:

PHP, JavaScript


Redis, MySQL

  • Symfony
  • Elastic Search
  • React
  • RabbitMQ

Final product

MyWorkMode is a web application that is promoting a new, easy way to a healthcare booking experience and rewards both the healthcare workers and employers.

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