The idea of Sportlobster has been to provide everything a sports fan needs, all in one place. It aims to help fans keep up with the information blitz from the world of sport. So rather than having to visit multiple sites or apps to get your daily sporting fix, Sportlobster consolidates and customizes the experience to your sport preferences.

The team came to us with initial wireframes and we held a two day workshop in our offices where we went through every single functionality and user story before we actually started turning this idea into a reality.



Based on the initial designs and branding guidelines that we got from our clients we created the rest of the visuals. A clean and simple design style was implemented and new bolder brand color was chosen to give more impact to the whole visual experience.


Every sport counts

Sportlobster wouldn’t be a complete sport network without offering all kinds of sports for users to choose to follow, and each of them needed its own pictogram to be expressed in a simple and recognizable way, even at small sizes.


Live scores

Our challenge was to display live scores for 8 major sports including Football, Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Formula 1, Cricket, American Football and Rugby. We used a third party service called Opta which collects the statistics and sends the results. Data is processed in real time and sent to clients. In addition to that,users have the ability to predict results and win points.


News and trending content

Sport fans on Sportlobster have access to all news pulled from Press Association in real time.

What’s hot and trending is calculated based on an algorithm that uses ranking points in correlation with time elapsed from moment of creation. So,one week old content with lots of interactions (likes, comments, shares) would appear at the top of the user’s feed, above some older contents with lots of points, so the user can always get the most popular blogs, news etc at first glance.

Most popular content gets more attention and is always at the top.

Users can write articles and earn points or follow all the latest and top news from the sport world.

Sportlobster Sportlobster

Choose your sport

All content on the platform is tagged in order to provide users with the most relevant information and a completely tailored experience.

The user can choose their favourite sports and its leagues, even down to their favorite team or player. This offers the ability to see live scores, fixtures and results, news, fan discussion and user blogs, everything related to their interest.


Points & leaderboards

Sportlobster has a points system for blogs and predictions that are used for ranking in blog and prediction leaderboards. Those are a great way to show off success and gain respect in the sport community.

Users get points for their blog posts depending on popularity - interaction with their content (likes, shares, comments, views) . For making a prediction on upcoming matches they are rewarded with points based on their accuracy in predicting the result.



Programming languages:
PHP, JavaScript
MySQL/Percona, MongoDB, Memcache

symfony Backbone Less

Final product

We are very pleased to have been able to employ our skills and expertise in building a bright future for this sports social network. Since launching in April 2013, the startup has reached its biggest milestone — one million users and aims to have many more sports organizations, clubs, and athletes on the platform soon.