We were perhaps a step closer to envisioning the future with Google self-driving car, to see (perhaps more clearly) what to expect from Apple in the future, and to test Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3. It was a busy month. However, once again, this month, we have witnessed a wild earthquake-like panic in the online communities and the SEO world.

Pandas have never been more popular, it seems.  An algorithm created to prevent sites with bad and poor quality content to rank highly in search results, that is, to find their way into Google’s top search results created a wild SEO panic this month. If you are not quite familiar with what Google’s Panda job is, and how the new Panda 4.0 update affected major sites, there are some good posts related to this subject over at RefuGeeks, The Mooz Blog, and Search Engine Land.

What seems to be very inconvenient with frequent updates from Google is that they do happen suddenly (often Google does not inform us on the update) and that, at the end of the day, seems as if all of us have to have a validly of knowledge on SEO, which is not possible. The consequences of this SEO earthquake should serve as a reminder that quality content is (and should be) many companies (whether small or middle-sized business) top priority. To be penalized by Google happens very easily, however, building rankings takes years. If you do not want to get penalized by Google any time soon you need to start thinking about the quality of content.

The first thing that is listed on Google’s “What we believe page” is user experience, so go with Google’s philosophy. It is very simple: improve (remove) bad content and build content that your audience will love. That is to say, create content for users, not search engines.

Google self-driving car might be the future. Might. Goggle has been testing driverless cars for many years now, and a few days ago, they introduced another prototype, so, the questions were posed, as usual. Is this going to change automotive design forever? Is it safe? Will this improve public transportation, or is it going to make public transportation worse? How am I going to pay for that? Without a steering wheel and gas/brake pedals, limited to only 40 km/h and with a stop/go button, the car is somewhat cartoon-like, but a very appealing one. However, as they explained, the most important thing is safety.

It sounds very interesting to summon a car with an app. We’ll see how this project will go on in the future.

Apple/Beats marriage, what’s next? The same day Beats was acquired the annual subscription fee was lowered, and that’s a good thing right? In addition, Beats still makes apps for Android and Microsoft phone, right (if the users get them)? This may be something new to Apple, since the company has been shutting down the services it has purchased, but Beats will live on (hopefully) with iTunes service, and Apple will continue to sell Beats speakers and headphones. When it comes to music services, this might just be one of the good strategic moves.

With every acquisition, the reactions are always different, but this time IT’S ALL ABOUT MUSIC. We’ll see more from Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference very soon.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 reviews are mostly impressive. Is three their lucky number? Microsoft calls it a tablet, but it is sort of a strange product, with PC parts, and in a touchscreen form, being between a laptop and a tablet. However, the tagline for Surface pro 3 is the tablet that can replace your laptop. Moreover, according to reviews, it does act and looks like a laptop and it does have certain amazing accessories. Some found it very odd though that this product is seen as a MacBook Air killer; however, Microsoft sees it that way apparently. Will the lucky number three find consumers? It may depend on what they think on Microsoft and Windows.


Some call it the best everything device ever made. We’ll see about that.

Is next month going to be all about Apple? Probably. What do you think?