Soshable pointed me in the direction of something pretty this morning – namely a very nicely put together graphic of the uses, benefits and statistics related to social media marketing, compiled by the good people of Flowtown (OK, I’ve never actually met them – but their work seems good).

Anyway, the graphic is especially handy at giving a snapshot of various trends within social media marketing, such as which networks, services, and functions are most popular – and what they’re being used for. There’s also some great statistics on how much time businesses are spending on social media, and how long they’ve typically been in the game for. All this I suppose is quite interesting as an opportunity to compare and reflect on how your company/employer might be doing things – which is usually a good thing in terms of moving forward and improving the efficiency of new technologies like this.

There’s also an interesting post to go with it so be sure to head over to Flowtown for more info on this, and other SM marketing issues. Kudos both to them for the excellent piece, and to Soshable for nodding me towards it.