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SuperCoucou, A Booking Platform For Travelers: Where To Next?

Wednesday, 9 September, 2015 Updated on Saturday, 3 July, 2021 by Eton Digital team

Do you need a booking platform for all your travelling experience? While there is a myriad of social networking sites created for and used by travellers, we had a pleasure of working on a social platform that will change the way we experience traveling.

We present you SuperCoucou, a booking platform combined with a social network experience.

SuperCoucou is a fully automated travel platform created to simplify the booking process.

As a traveller, you can easily book packages, flights, hotels, transfers, trips, create open group tours and more. But the booking platform offers a unique social networking experience as well – users can invite people with common interests to join and organize a group trip without a need of a tour organizer.

The mission of SuperCoucou is to create the most comprehensive platform for traveling, encouraging people to travel more, meet and learn about other cultures and countries and to care more about the Earth.  

SuperCoucou Travellers 

Once you register, the platform offers relevant content and suggests other users to connect with, based on your interests and your travel experience.

A user will have a portfolio with all travel documents and bookings in one place. When you book a trip, it is stored in your Trips section, so you can easily see and manage your upcoming and past trips, or join a specific group tour and travel cheaper.

As SuperCoucou combines a social networking experience, you can invite friends to join, share pictures and write diaries about your travels.

If you want to discuss and share your experience with people of the same interests, post photos or create events, you can join Tribes, a user generated groups that have their Tribe Chiefs (admin).

The Discover page offers a list of new packages and tours based on the user’s specific interest. But you can also search for packages and tours by country or filter by interest.

The platform also created Badges (silver, bronze, and SuperCoucou) for different levels of activity. Based on your engagement and activities, there is a particular SuperCoucou badge you can earn. Know-it-all badge, for instance, tells that you can help other travelers with advice on traveling to a particular country.

The platform helps you book any flight and buy tickets without charging you any booking fees. As for booking a hotel/hostel, the platform has a database of over 800.000 hotels all over the world that are in sync with data. You are redirected to, the leader in the industry, to make a full reservation quickly.

Suppliers’ dashboard  

The platform offers a separate space for travel suppliers (travel agencies) to promote their services.

A travel provider can add their tours, packages, and transfers or offer exclusive discounts, having a complete control of their bookings in one place. An easy-to-use dashboard provides an easy way to see and manage reservation requests, and all the details related to travel request.

The platform has received praise from both travelers and travel suppliers – as it gives users an opportunity to discover the new way to travel, and travel suppliers a simple, yet powerful business tool.

Apart from the best deals, the platform offers many useful tips and hints a passionate traveler will find fascinating. Join the flock, start exploring new countries and cultures, and begin planning your next adventure.

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