It’s time for team bonding!

This time our team building destination was a beautiful scenery surrounding Tara and Drina rivers. We had an opportunity to enjoy a fairy-tale-like environment in and near the Rafting center, and dazzling nature.

Aside from the good weather, great food and beautiful places, we got a chance to enhance our positive, competitive spirits and to push our boundaries.

In our work, we always seem to test our abilities and skill, thus rafting was no different – pushing us to give the best we can.

Is there a better way to encourage new ideas than spending time in nature?

Our Rafting Experience

In a word, rafting was a memorable experience.

It is a perfect combination of activities to test your collaborative and communication skills and to have fun.

The truth is that in such engaging environment you have to be alert, concentrated and attentive to the person who is sitting next to you.

Only teamwork can conquer rapids!

Once we got into our rafting suits, we went for a short drive with terrain to our starting location. We formed three teams, and each team had their guide who would have brief us on the run before each rapid.

The weather was perfect and the river was gentle to us, allowing us to take short breaks and admire the nature, enjoying the most beautiful waterfalls.

When the adventure was over, we enjoyed great Bosnian food, especially kajmak cream and bacon. No trip to Bosnia is complete without them!

Rafting experience

We also visited Lake Piva, a reservoir in Montenegro, known for its scenic beauty. The area of Piva is ideal for different outdoors activities, and a must go for tourists. The most famous historical monument is Piva Monastery, built in the 16th century.

For better teamwork, spend more time in nature

Successful team building activities do not only bring people closer together but also lead to more successful and creative ideas.

So, we’ll leave you with this saying we love:

Work hard, play harder, laugh out loud.

And, yes, spend more time in nature.