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Why Big Brands Choose Drupal?

Wednesday, 14 October, 2015 Updated on Monday, 19 July, 2021 by Eton Digital team

Some of the largest websites and the most popular brands on the internet choose Drupal. 

Sony, MTV, the UN, The Economist, Playstation, NATO, NASA, The White House, The Water Channel, Examiner.com, and TeslaMotors, to name a few, are built on Drupal.

If you understand that your website is the foundation of your online presence, it has to be the structure on which your business (and marketing) is built – solid and well constructed.

Drupal is a popular open source Content Management platform, suitable for any type of digital presence, with a strong focus on personalization, community building, and social tools.

Drupal CMS can be used to create simple sites and complex enterprise-level sites.

But, why big brands choose Drupal?

We are looking at some of the most important characteristics of a content management platform.

Think flexibility when you think about Drupal

One of the key strengths of Drupal is flexibility. With a simple module called CCK (Content Construction Kit), for instance, one can create entirely new types of content ( Pages, Blog entries, Stories, Books and Polls), having complete control over content – where and how the content is displayed.

Drupal handles with ease multiple users and bloggers with different roles and permission sets. This might not sound like a big advantage, however, for a good content marketing strategy it is critical.

In 2009, The White House team needed a fully functional content management system to be able to improve workflow and blogging and community-building features.  

“The White House saw the opportunity to increase their flexibility. Drupal has a huge library of user-contributed modules that will provide functionality the White House can use to expand its social media capabilities, with everything from super-scalable live chats to multi-lingual support”, according to O’Reilly Radar.

Choose Drupal for Security

Security is of paramount concern to businesses, and Drupal, already known for its large community, maintains a dedicated security team that regularly reviews releases and security issues. Drupal security features are well developed with a good issue tracking system and a large install base, thus security vulnerabilities are detected and fixed quickly.

With regular updates and security reports regarding users and software installations, Drupal is a very popular option for banks and industries that deal with a lot of sensitive personal information.

Moreover, as government agencies can’t afford to open themselves to security threats, Drupal’s ability to prevent security vulnerabilities is one of the crucial advantages why many governments opt for Drupal CMS.

Be creative with Drupal integration solutions 

Drupal is very compatible with other solutions and services, another one of its greatest strengths.

Government websites, for instance, oftentimes must integrate with enterprise content, data repositories, internal publishing tools, citizen service centers, payment systems, proprietary legacy systems and more.

As it uses open standard and technologies, it provides an extensible framework to integrate with these other data sources.  

Choose Drupal because of its extendability

If you want to add an additional functionality to your website, you can find a module for that, anytime.

As Drupal is built, used, and supported by an active and diverse community of people around the world, there are not only a rich set of modules to choose from but oftentimes several modules with similar capabilities, free to download and use.

And if the module doesn’t do what we want,  we can modify a module or create a completely new one.

Drupal allows you to configure and add the appropriate modules to take the platform beyond its core capability.

Thousands of modules will help you to build amazing sites with little or no programming.

Opt for Drupal because of the IT cost reduction

When the Georgia Technology Authority (GTA) decided to migrate 65 websites from Vignette to Drupal, this resulted in $14 million total cost of ownership savings. Oftentimes, the argument for Drupal is financial.

As an open source, it spares companies and organizations from costly licensing fees and vendor lock-in. Drupal’s community-developed software is free, and it comes with thousands of contributed modules, as well as free Drupal themes, and even pre-configured platforms known as distributions.

Code sharing is another cost-saving opportunity for many industries, which can drastically accelerate innovation and reduce labor costs.

The community-driven nature of the platform allows innovation through code sharing – the code is available to others to use in their projects or to find ways to make it better. With Drupal, as open source, the focus in on community and collaboration. As more people and organizations participate, more features are available, which results in less spending on development and empowering real innovation.

Drupal is the second most popular CMS, best for a robust professional CMS and for websites with huge amounts of data that need maximum security and stability.

If you want a complex site, choose Drupal.

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