Meet Zappudo, A Marketplace For Digital Hiring

Wednesday, 6 July, 2016 Updated on Thursday, 8 July, 2021 by Branislava Milosavljevic

How can you reach out to elusive job candidates? How can you ensure you’re finding the right hire? 

We present you our new project, Zappudo, an online marketplace that simplifies the recruitment process.

Smart companies and professionals understand that they are as good as their teams and their best workers, and they’ll seek out the best of the best.

But what they all have in common is a need for a simple and powerful tool that simplifies the recruitment process.

How Zappudo works?

The recruiting industry is growing, transforming the way recruiters find quality talent and the way professionals find jobs.

If you are looking for the best candidate for your business, register for free, post the digital vacancy anonymously and set the fee you are prepared to pay. 

Zappudo marketplace

Zappudo is a new player on the market, built with two primary goals:

#1 to simplify the way you find and work with quality recruiters and

#2 to rethink the way that employers search for and work with recruiters.

The second step is to choose the recruitment agencies you want to work with.

As you post your vacancy, you will receive requests from agencies that want to provide you the profile of the candidate you are looking for. See their reviews and ratings and select those you want to work with and connect with them.

If you want to supply talent, register for free, place a candidate, connect with companies and receive valuable feedback. It is the simplest way to reach out to interested employers and build trusted connections.

Why should you join? 

The problems Zapuddo solves is firstly the problem with confidence and transparency.

With a unique rating system and reviews, you can see and find out more about the person your want to work with, making the whole process transparent.

Secondly, as the platform is a free, simple-to-use web app,recruiters can focus more on providing quality service, helping businesses to stay one step ahead of the competition and quickly hire and build a good talent pool of candidates.

Companies can quickly hire through a marketplace of requirement agencies and simplify the hiring process, and recruiters can easily access new business, and supply excellent candidates.

Are you ready to try Zappudo? Register for free and start looking for great candidates or supplying talent.

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