5 Reasons Why ReactJS Is The Best Choice For Your Web App

Wednesday, 14 November, 2018 Updated on Monday, 19 July, 2021 by Eton Digital team

When ReactJS became available, nobody was truly aware of how revolutionary this toolkit for building UI’s is going to become. This technology has changed the way how developers deal with coding – in every way.

Today, React is making a journey towards top-notch applications as smooth as possible, and it’s only getting better and better.

Developers love it because they can make applications from the components that are well tested along with reusable modules. Companies, on the other hand, love the end products – interactive and intuitive user interfaces.

Furthermore, ReactJS is proved to be a great choice for writing complex UI and for easy integration.

Companies like Airbnb, Instagram, PayPal, Microsoft, Uber, and Tesla are using ReactJS successfully.

And not only that, there is a huge list of benefits when working with ReactJS.

If you want to make your website powerful, here are the reasons why you should choose React for your next project.

#1 React offers components which are better than templates.

React became popular especially because of the possibility to break apart a large complex user interface into small individual components. Those components are the core of how React works.

#2 React is ideal for applying functional programming ideas to the view layer.

If you want to build a modern application, that has an advanced user interface and moving parts, problems can come up.

React solves that because its components are functional components. This means that with the same input, those components will produce the same output.

#3 React creates simple and intuitive code instead of complex JavaScripts code.

In other words, every aspect, which can change in an application, exist in the same place because of ReactJS, which is something that is called the state.encourages

Basically, React helps you to avoid unpredictable scenarios by offering an easy yet powerful state, action and event management. This means that you can fully control how your application behaves on user actions.

5 Reasons Why ReactJS Is The Best Choice For Your Web App

#4 React is compatible with other tools and technologies equally great and useful

React works as just one part of the whole coding story, to be specific.

We have mentioned states which have simple implementations but complex projects such as social networks, multi-sites, etc. need more complex implementations.

React is a perfect fit with WebPack for example. This duo can make faster and more responsive web applications. For instance, WebPack can take small images and put them inline CSS files.

Besides WebPack, all other React’s features allow you to create not only simple web apps, but more complex applications, multi-sites, and social networks.

#5 Scalability and long-term community support

React is known as a tool that can handle massive and complex updates without losing its speed and responsivity. So, if you plan long-term projects, working with React is safe and with great potential.

In addition, a large community of developers out there is ready to help with any possible problems you might have. When you have good tech support, you will increase the safety of your website in each case.

We have listed our 14 reasons why we use ReactJS and why we think you should use it too. 

What React has to offer improves constantly

As you probably know, React is the work of the Facebook development team, and from the internal toolkit, React has grown into revolutionary technology that constantly change the way developers are working.

Still, Facebook hasn’t dropped the idea to make working with React even better. Recently they have released updates that make creating web applications modern and efficient.

React is really changing the way how modern web applications are built.

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