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Get familiar with the cutting-edge technologies we use to create outstanding products and achieve your business goals.

We have a long history of working with the best of development technologies. Our goal is to utilise the most efficient, creative and trustworthy technologies to deliver the most wanted results.

Choosing the right technology to build a web product requires comprehensive knowledge on how to solve complex problems while providing users with a seamless user journey. We have been developing products that vary in size and complexity for over 15 years which is why we are able to suggest the right technology for your product regardless of whether you already have something in mind or you need our input to decide.

We collaborate with you and brainstorm about what you want your product to look like, and then our teams work together to choose the best possible technology stack based on your requirements and your target market needs. Since we have worked on a huge variety of projects, we base our suggestions on both our experience and research we conduct. By incorporating our findings gathered during the research process, you can be sure that our suggestions for technology stack are always top notch. Whether you are thinking about developing an ecommerce platform, company intranet or a custom website for your business, everything we choose is presented to you so you have every piece of information to make an informed choice.

There is the right technology for every product. We will help you find it, explaining to you our choices and our decisions to use some technologies over others. Transparency is the key and a major prerequisite for all our successful collaborations.

Symfony logo

Symfony PHP Framework

Symfony is an open-source PHP framework, created and backed up by a large community of developers and contributors. Its flexibility, speed and the use of best practices make it ideal for building a variety of websites - from business social networks, social marketplaces, eLearning and knowledge platforms, to high performing complex websites. BBC, TED, National Geographic and many other websites were built with Symfony.

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Laravel logo

Laravel PHP Framework

Laravel is a powerful web application framework designed for agile software application development. It is best used for building high-performing, feature-rich apps that focus on scalability, and security. Laravel was the choice for 9GAG, Crowdcube, Pfizer and Fox47, because it allowed them to create custom scalable web applications easily and improve their performance.

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Drupal logo


Drupal is a popular CMS platform known for stability and flexibility as well as regular upgrades and security standards. Drupal is suitable for almost any type of web project that requires a focus on personalization, community building and social tools. Some of the largest websites such as BBC Good Food, NBA, University of Oxford, World Economic Forum, and Al Jazeera have recognised Drupal’s great potential.

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WordPress logo


It is the most popular CMS for a good reason. WordPress is a solution that is cost-effective and excellent in satisfying many requirements of different websites. That’s why WordPress is a choice for building blogs and magazines, corporate and promotional websites, product and service campaigns, and knowledge sharing websites. Businesses prefer WordPress because of the quick development and scalability that it offers, perfect for when the businesses start expanding.

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Angular logo


AngularJs is Google’s impressive application design framework and development platform perfect for building enterprise web apps and large-scale projects. It is the best choice for building apps with dynamic content that needs to be changed frequently based on user behaviour and preferences. That’s why Angular is the choice for Google Marketing Platform, Xbox and Fox Sports.

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React logo


This Facebook JavaScript library is one of the most efficient tools for building amazing user interfaces. Both businesses and developers can take advantage of numerous benefits provided by React which include faster, cost-effective development, high performance and scalability options as the business grows. This is why companies such as Dropbox, Atlassian, Khan Academy, PayPal, Product Hunt and many others choose React.

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Vue.js logo


Vue.js is the #1 choice for building compelling web interfaces and one-page applications. Vue is one of the fastest lightweight tools that offers stunning performance. Nintendo, Behance, Dribble, Trivago, Zoom and BMW gave their trust entirely to Vue.js and developed compelling UI interfaces which provide a great experience for their users.

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NodeJS logo


Thanks to its admirable features and flexibility, NodeJS is a cross-platform runtime environment perfect for building data-intensive, real-time applications, as well as web projects that require high performance, speed and capacity to handle large databases easily. Node.js is suitable for any web project and it was a choice for Linkedin, Yahoo, Netflix and Twitter.

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Flutter logo


Flutter is a popular Google software development kit used for building, designing and testing natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase. Google Ads, Google Assistant, Square and BMW chose Flutter to save time and build a high-performing, custom app for each mobile platform at once.

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WooCommerce logo

WooCommerce eCommerce

WooCommerce is a fully customisable eCommerce platform, perfect for building unique online stores that can sell anything. Big brands choose it due to its reliability, great user experience and modular system. Combined with WordPress, WooCommerce provides an ideal eCommerce solution that also includes efficient and seamless content integration.

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