The popularity of Drupal continues to grow, not only because Drupal has “A” players on the list, such as NASA, but because everyone is aware of Drupal’s extensive features.

Among the most dedicated Drupal users are governments from around the world. 

What makes Drupal so desirable among data-sensitive niches? 

Using a Drupal is not just a trend for state representatives.

Every government website stores huge amounts of data, many of them are sensible and private, has large traffic and important services that need to provide help to its users.

That’s why over 150 governments and organizations around the globe find Drupal CMS quite useful.

It is reliable, made to support huge traffic, affordable and you can quickly deploy any feature. However, a decisive factor why governments opt for Drupal is without any question the uncompromised security of any website.

In addition to those features, Drupal provides personalization, community building, and other social tools essential for government websites

Let’s see how Drupal provides the best conditions for government websites.

#1 World – class security anytime

Always on the watch

Drupal has an admirable track record of any possible security issue and the organized process for investigating, verifying, and publishing occurred security problems.

So, unlike other CMS platforms, Drupal owns a Security Team that together with other councils watch over those issues.

They are at any moment ready to back up and ensure that the best security practices are incorporated into Drupal websites.

The largest saving organizations in the UK needed a top-notch secured web space, and they use Drupal

For example, British organization NS&I uses Drupal. NS&I website handles 25 million customers. So, apart from the service they provide, the website collects tons of people private data, not to mention huge traffic.

Drupal itself is highly secured CMS, but when you use Drupal, you can also use several security modules:

  • Login Security – Further secure the website and extend the security of Drupal’s core; add more access control features and organize it the way you need, for instance, ban user’s IP address for a couple of hours or permanently.
  • Password Policy – Force users to create complicated, stronger passwords;
  • Security kit – Further protect the website from cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery, clickjacking, and the likes;
  • The Security Review – Decrease the insecurity of your website with automating testing for many easy-to-make mistakes;
  • Two-factor Authentication (TFA) – extra security with code authentification on mobile;

#2 Open source model with quality and affordable maintenance

Free for download, use, and share

At the most basic level, Drupal wins the financial part of the argument because it is open source. When you choose Drupal you are aided by a gigantic community that gives free security extensions, modules, distributions and other operational maintenance. That’s how governments can actually save enormous sums of money and use it for other purposes.

Even the low-income countries can apply Drupal’s CMC for their websites and that’s why on the list we can find countries from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Rwanda and Bangladesh.

Valuable Contribution of entire Drupal community

Contributions from thousands of Drupal developers are expanding and progressing continually. Drupal is practiced and maintained by a community of over 630,000 global users and developers.

Ireland’s healthcare and quality authority website run Drupal as well.

best drupal governments websites
You can provide a huge amount of content for thousands of users with Drupal websites

The website contains a huge amount of medical law and regulation documents available for its users and tons of other relevant information for the everyday functioning of the citizens. Users can also report a concern, ask for the inspection and read recent publication and research.

#3 Creativity and great integration solutions

Making a dull website – attractive

Most of the government websites are seen as dull and unappealing in advance, but that can change. They realized that they need to work to their advantage by providing useful content and services.

And here enters another Drupal strength.

Drupal CMS is compatible with many other services and solutions and it can integrate with any enterprise content, data repositories, and internal publishing tools. If you have paid attention, you will see that every government website offers the attractive sections of latest news, announcements, government policies and information.

And because it is an open source technology, Drupal provides an extensible framework that can easily integrate with other systems and create features such as citizen service centers, payment systems, proprietary legacy systems and more.

For instance, Australian government tries to promote every valuable information that can be useful to its citizens

best drupal governments websites
From visas and public regulations to the latest news and activities of the government representatives – all easily available on the website.

Content and multiple users

Drupal core gives you an opportunity to define and add an infinite number of roles. The CMS handles with ease multiple users and bloggers with different roles and permission sets. Moreover, one person can create entirely new types of content, from Pages, Blog entries, Stories, Books, and Polls, having complete control over content – where and how the content is displayed.

So, governments have discovered the power of content marketing, finally.

#4 Multisite feature

Run multiple websites from a single installation of Drupal

Australia has more than 100 websites under the Drupal CMS, and France almost 25 with all Ministry websites included.

France Drupal government websites
French government website built with Drupal

Developing each website individually from scratch would take an enormous amount of time for every country, not to mention the cost. With Drupal, they can use a single platform and create multisite support.

Bottom line, governments can run multiple websites from a single installation of Drupal.

#5 Proven scalability

Scaling to any size: Used by smaller municipalities and the large services

Besides security, scalability is what government websites need the most, so they have to use a platform that supports the most highly trafficked websites.

USA’s Disaster assistance organizations also run on Drupal. They maintain a service website where people, affected by different disasters, or natural accidents can apply for immediate help.

best drupal governments websites

They chose Drupal as proven handler of the most content-rich sites without bending or breaking.

Currently Drupal powers more than a million sites with top high trafficking websites including governments websites. Giants such as Time, Mercedes, The EU, and CERN use Drupal, to name a few.

Even the ones which expect enormous traffic, like the, are on the Drupal list.

So, let’s sum up…

We already know that government websites of Brazil, France, and Australia use Drupal CMS to protect their data and services. All of them have recognized the importance of affordable maintenance, a security that lasts, and scalability that is easily provided.

Of course, the list of Drupal features doesn’t end there, which is why many famous brands and companies, as well as media, use Drupal.

We are here to encourage you to be the next one who will use the great Drupal possibilities.