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Fixed price project

Build a marketable product within a fixed timeframe and budget.

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A project planned and delivered by us over multiple milestones for a fixed price. Fixed price model is ideal for projects when there is little to no change expected in terms of features and the overall scope of the project.

Fixed price project development is our expertise. We use all of our tried and tested methods to exceed your expectations through a trackable and transparent process. Fixed budget model is best suitable for projects that need to have a clearly defined scope, deadline and budget. Any changes will require additional estimation and an additional contract. As the requirements do not change during the development process, it is necessary to precisely define the scope and technical requirements up front when using the fixed budget pricing model.

Fixed price projects present low risk for clients due to the settled costs for agreed work. With fixed budget model you benefit from detailed planning that prevent any miscommunication or misunderstanding, planned milestones and strict deadlines. Precise and transparent requirements need minimal customer supervision.

In short...

The fixed price project model is perfect for small and medium scope projects where specifications and schedule can be clearly defined before the project development stage begins.

Fixed price Fixed price

The first step is to clearly define the scope and the requirements. This process includes outlining all project requirements – from the timeline and specifications to deliverables and costs. We take pride in having a completely transparent pricing process with no hidden costs. This means that once we set a price, we stick to it, unless your requirements change.

Once the specifications are agreed on, we move to the design stage. As soon as you sign off the design, the building phase begins. The product is tested at every stage to make sure it meets the requirements and that it is stable and robust. Once the product is ready, it is set up for the launch.

As a result of several opportunities to deliver dozens of projects, we have developed an effective methodology to bring our expertise in strategy, creativity and technology together to build a product that will fulfil your vision and become the backbone of your business.

Fixed price project process

01 Discovery and scoping

Discovery is a separate mini project aiming to create a detailed specification and a working plan for the product build. This is the phase during which we define the project scope, technical requirements and key milestones. It starts with an intensive information gathering workshop with the client which is organised to help our team grasp the core components of the business and get to know the client. We get an in-depth look at the client’s story, who they are trying to reach and their key goals. We also discuss the business model, core components of the product, individual requirements, target market and strategic techniques.

Based on these initial discussions, we create information architecture that captures the product structure, user flow maps that lay out the complete paths that a user takes when using a product, and a product specification document that captures a detailed description of all product features.

Product discovery within a fixed price project

02 Design

Everything that was discussed so far about the project starts to take shape in the design stage as defined during scoping. High-fidelity designs will be presented in a mockup form for the client to review and discuss. The visuals will illustrate the features that will be placed on the page and visualise how all interface elements will work and look like together.

Following client feedback, any necessary changes to the presented design will be addressed (i.e. colour, type, graphic modification). This is the part where we gather the feedback, identify areas that need to be perfected and finalise prototyping the product.

Fixed price project design process

03 Build

In this phase the designs evolve into a functional product. We code the website or application, and integrate any third party items such as software plug-ins, APIs, as well as marketing tools such as social media channels and email marketing tools. We build your product on our own server and provide you with a staging link to track progress. Each page will be built according to the specifications and design created in the previous phases.

Build a project with a fixed price project contract

04 Testing

During this phase we (and the client) test the product on a series of devices as well as via online tools to ensure that the product is working properly and as intended. We repair any coding bugs or user experience issues based on these tests. Testing includes:
Design implementation – to make sure that everything from the development phase is implemented according to the approved design
Compatibility (cross browser/platform) – to check for efficiency when using all major browsers and operating systems
Functionality – to test the product functionality and behaviour according to the specifications
Permissions – to execute security tests related to user roles and corresponding sets of permissions.

Testing process within a fixed scope and time

05 Launch

It’s showtime! We launch your product.

Post launch, we’re on hand to carry out immediate bug fixes, making sure the product is working perfectly. After that, we can offer ongoing maintenance support services as defined in the monthly retainer model to keep your product in top condition.

Launching a product within a fixed price project

Not sure whether fixed price project is for you?

Eton Digital offers an additional two engagement models that may be more suitable for your needs – Scrum Development Team and Monthly Retainer. If you would like to explore them, please take a look at our engagement model page or get in touch with us. We will help you to find the right model for your business needs.

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