Prototyping and wireframing

Experience the product through visuals instead of words with a clickable prototype and wireframes.

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Every startup has unique needs. Some products may require a simple app or web prototype to map out the functionality of the pages, whilst other projects need a clickable prototype, but what they have in common is that all businesses need to create prototypes to validate their idea.

What do we do? We evaluate your product requirements and business goals to deliver detailed information architecture which outlines user journeys, wireframes focusing on structure, functionality, and user flow. Our UX and UI designers develop website and app prototypes and wireframes to ensure a better, intuitive design and a cost-effective, successful development process.

  • Wireframe design
  • Basic and annotated wireframes
  • App prototype
  • App wireframing
  • Prototype testing
  • Usability evaluation
  • User flow development
  • Product discovery 

'Test fast, fail fast, adjust fast.' — Tom Peters

Prototyping services

Mobile app wireframe and mobile app prototyping

Have a mobile app business idea? We can help you visualise it. We design app prototypes and wireframes to show you the core interface and interaction of your application - how it will actually look and perform on different devices and under different scenarios. We also prepare your mobile application for development.

App prototyping

Wireframe design and website prototypes

Before development, every digital product needs to be designed. First, we determine your business objectives and product requirements. Then our UX design and usability analysts turn your idea into interactive wireframes and clickable prototypes, which are key to the successful web development process and a highly effective method. This will save you time, money and effort.

Wireframe design

Testing and usability evaluation

You may already have wireframes or semi-functional prototypes but without a fully functional prototype, you can't test your product and validate it. With usability evaluation, you can change this. Our UI and UX designers will evaluate your design to discover bottlenecks in the user journey, usability and UX - fix them and suggest changes to reduce the risk of failure.

Product prototyping, consulting and UI testing

Work with experienced designers

Discovery: Workshop and wireframing

Discovery: Workshop and wireframing

A discovery phase defines all functionalities. We analyse your product and users, define your goals and create wireframes to illustrate the features that will be placed on a page. The presented wireframes visualise how all interface elements will work together. Once approved, we move into the design phase.

Review: Design and testing

Review: Design and testing

We present the high-fidelity prototypes and evaluate them together to ensure that the look and feel of all visual elements is satisfying. With prototypes functioning almost like the final product, you get the best impression of what will be built. This phase is crucial for determining whether the prototype mapped out has the best structure of the product or app and the best UX.

Refinement: Final feedback and modelling

Refinement: Final feedback and modelling

In the refinement phase, we gather feedback, identify areas that need to be perfected, further defined and clarified.  Then we continue modelling the product. Our goal is to test and model the product while it is still young, testing it throughout the process until we are completely satisfied with the outcome.

Delivery: The final product and development quote

Delivery: The final product and development quote

The final stage is the delivery stage. We provide you with a scoping handover document that includes a set of final wireframes, prototypes and high-resolution photoshop design files. If you are building a start-up and you need to attract investors, this is the MVP you will need for a pitch. Also, we can provide you with a free quote for our website development and design services.

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