What we do

Web design and development for a purpose. Bring your business concept to life.

01 Strategy & Design

Taking a concept from idea to fully formed live project. We use data from market research to make attractive brand identity and design and give you competitive advantage.

Strategy & Design

02 Development

Web and mobile development for businesses that want to stand out. We work with you to build a new business or rebrand your company into a successful, scalable business.


03 Digital marketing

Align your marketing with your users’ needs. We help you deliver high quality, targeted traffic to your website to increase brand visibility and keep visitors coming back.

Digital marketing

How we work

Depending on your project complexity and flexibility, you can choose between the following engagement models:

Scrum team

Scrum team

Agile methodology

A project where continuous iterations are required, the development is done within 2-weeks sprints. We provide a deliverable with every sprint so that the progress can be continuously monitored.

  • Size of the project: Medium and Large
  • Scope: Evolving
  • Approach: Value driven
  • Client control: Full
  • Flexibility: High
Fixed price and scope

Fixed price and scope

Waterfall methodology

A project planned and delivered by us over multiple milestones for a fixed price. Ideal for projects where there is little to no change expected in terms of features and the overall scope of the project.

  • Size of the project: Small
  • Scope: Fixed
  • Approach: Plan driven
  • Client control: Very limited
  • Flexibility: None
Monthly retainer

Monthly retainer

Hourly based, ongoing contract

An ongoing contractual agreement where we work on your project a set number of hours per month at a set rate. This model ensures that our services will be available to you for an extended amount of time.

  • Size of the project: Any, long-term support
  • Scope: Flexible, within allocated hours per month
  • Approach: Result driven
  • Client control: Significant
  • Flexibility: High

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