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Company intranet, staff and employee intranet. Custom intranet and intranet portals to enable efficient communication.

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Intranets are key to success for business growth. This is why they have to be built by teams that have a proven track record and are able to develop intranet and knowledge sharing sites in a way that meets your demands.

Interested in taking your business to the next level by introducing a company intranet or building a staff or employee intranet? Find out how our experienced teams can help you with intranet development services. Our teams create and develop custom intranet and knowledge sharing platforms that are celebrated due to their flawless user experience and custom-built features to suit your needs.

  • Custom intranet
  • Staff intranet
  • College intranet
  • Student intranet
  • Company intranet
  • Intranet portal
  • Collaborative intranet
  • Sales intranet
  • Training intranet
  • Internal knowledge sharing platform

Intranet development services

A custom intranet, staff and employee intranets

Developed and designed by our experienced team, your custom intranet platform will be unique and one of the best on the market. Not only will your users be able to enjoy tailor-made features that are created specifically for your intranet, but they will also be delighted with the top-notch user experience.

Intranet development custom intranet

Company intranet for superb knowledge sharing

We take pride in following the latest trends in the development world, which is why our projects always follow the best practices. With our knowledge and passion for creating great knowledge sharing platforms, you can be sure that your sharing website and a company intranet will exceed your expectations in many ways.

Intranet development superb knowledge sharing

Maximum security to protect your valuable data

Intranet and knowledge sharing platforms require maximum security in order to keep sensitive and personal data protected. Our development teams have extensive knowledge on how to ensure that valuable and confidential information on these platforms remain available to only approved users.

Maximum security to protect your valuable data

Technologies we recommend

Symfony logo

Symfony PHP Framework

Symfony is an open-source PHP framework, created and backed up by a large community of developers and contributors. Its flexibility, speed and the use of best practices make it ideal for building a variety of websites - from business social networks, social marketplaces, eLearning and knowledge platforms, to high performing complex websites. BBC, TED, National Geographic and many other websites were built with Symfony.

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Drupal logo


Drupal is a popular CMS platform known for stability and flexibility as well as regular upgrades and security standards. Drupal is suitable for almost any type of web project that requires a focus on personalization, community building and social tools. Some of the largest websites such as BBC Good Food, NBA, University of Oxford, World Economic Forum, and Al Jazeera have recognised Drupal’s great potential.

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Angular logo


AngularJs is Google’s impressive application design framework and development platform perfect for building enterprise web apps and large-scale projects. It is the best choice for building apps with dynamic content that needs to be changed frequently based on user behaviour and preferences. That’s why Angular is the choice for Google Marketing Platform, Xbox and Fox Sports.

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React logo


This Facebook JavaScript library is one of the most efficient tools for building amazing user interfaces. Both businesses and developers can take advantage of numerous benefits provided by React which include faster, cost-effective development, high performance and scalability options as the business grows. This is why companies such as Dropbox, Atlassian, Khan Academy, PayPal, Product Hunt and many others choose React.

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