Copywriting and Content Writing

Copywriting and Content Writing

Is your goal to turn your visitors into leads?

Many businesses make the mistake of giving a copywriter's job to a random person. The result is a lot of jargon filled, business oriented text that no one wants to read. We find it baffling.

People spend a lot of money building and improving their on-line presence and then spoil it all with poor, or mediocre at best, copy.

We here at Eton Digital take great pride in delivering the whole package: clever strategy, great design and efficient development, and we find that many digital solutions on the web, are not as effective without a good copy.

So what do we do?

We save you time: As you have already filled out our questionnaire we have a thorough understanding of what you want, making it easy for us to meet your needs and create effective, appropriate copy for your product.

How does this work?

Whether it is website copy, a description for the App Stores, or a copy for your e-mail campaign we will:

  1. Research your target group: What type of tone they like, what questions they want answered
  2. Write clever copy with a good call to action
  3. Optimise it correctly

Why is copywriting important?

A beautiful website is not enough to convey your message. Being in the top three search results or having a lovely ad is not enough to sell. Many companies have forgotten how important copy is, and have buried themselves in an endless sea of poorly written text. Don't be one of them.

Has copywriting changed?

Copywriting on the Internet is greatly influenced by what people search for. With Google now rewarding pages that provide excellent user experience, many online businesses have turned to copywriters to make sure their visitors get what they came for. Good copywriters do their homework, they use available tools to check what people are searching for, what they share on their social media and what makes one business more successful than the other. And then they phrase it effectively.

How much will it cost?

We would like you to have that competitive advantage and succeed, so we will offer you the best value for money and work within your budget. You can ask us for a quote free of charge.

We can accommodate your every need, as one of our greatest strengths is the ability to deliver the whole package. Come to Eton Digital, and let us take care of everything.