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Why choose Angular for your next project? UPS, Australian Department of Home Affairs, Google Marketing Platform, Xbox and Fox Sports opted for Angular because of its speed, performance and accessibility.

Due to the fact that it has been created by Google, Angular has been a firm favourite of many businesses and companies around the world. Famous for its speed and performance, it allows developers to achieve the maximum speed possible and to take it even further via Web Workers and server-side rendering. In addition to this, Angular allows you to be in charge of scalability. As your business and needs grow, you can be sure that your app will grow as well. By choosing Angular, it is a guarantee that your app will be efficient and sophisticated. This is why Angular is loved by millions of businesses across the globe, including ABC News, Deutsche Bank Developer Portal, GitHub Community Forum, Colgate, Bellagio and many others.

We advise using Angular for enterprise web apps and large-scale projects, as well as mobile apps with dynamic content that needs to be changed frequently based on user behaviour and preferences. Let Angular help you reach your business goals faster.

Why Angular for developing your business

Consistency and productivity

Thanks to Typescript, the Angular code is neat and clean. This allows for better bug fixing as developers are able to spot any errors faster, which also improves productivity.

Angular development

Supported by Google

Because it has been developed and maintained by a team of talented Google developers, you can be sure that only the best practices and features are included in every version of Angular.

Angular supported by Google

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