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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Angular For Your Project

Monday, 18 February, 2019 Updated on Thursday, 8 July, 2021 by Eton Digital team

Over the years, only a few technologies succeed to achieve such an admirable position among software developers. Angular is one of them.

According to StackOverflow Survey results collected in 2019, Angular, Google’s front-end development framework, is certainly one of the most popular tools developers choose to work with.

The latest version of Angular brought everything that today’s software development industry demands. In essence, the latest version produces even better code and it’s easier to use.

What else makes the latest Angular version so applicable?

  • Angular is preferable for building large, complex enterprise-sized applications.
  • As Angular is a framework developed and maintained by Google, it is an assured and dependable code base to work on.

To shed more light on why Angular can be useful to your projects, we asked our development team to share their experience with Angular.

#1 Angular is opinionated

Angular as a framework gives defaulted pieces for building the entire web app, from network connectivity and state management to a language choice.

Defaults are ensuring that the Angular platform moves forward at a steady and reliable pace.

Still, at the same time, defaults are compatible.

Defaults can still be adaptable according to the needs of the project. Certainly, developers are able to include other tools in a development environment.  

#2 Angular is flexible

The idea for this technology came as a solution to many problems that Google had in the past. They needed to sort out millions of lines of code along with thousands of engineers and other software requirements.

angular lines of code

They’ve solved it by making the framework that allows splitting the roles while working on the same app. This is the feature where Angular overshadows other frameworks.

Angular allows developers to share code and still make progress on a single app.

For your project, that means that a team of developers can work on different features at the same time. For you, this means that you will save time and money.

#3 Angular provides maintainability

One of the perks of using this technology is the possibility for developers to detect bugs a lot earlier in the development phase. Angular also has the option that makes writing tests easier.

Furthermore, development in Angular is robust and easy at the same time. It has features like filters, data binding, scope management, directives, API client, and form validation.

These features make web applications more straightforward and easy to detect and troubleshoot them.

#4 Angular is a reliable and progressive framework

As we mentioned above, Angular is Google’s product, so the ability to use Google’s testing infrastructure offers one more advantage for both developers and businesses. Google’s developers validate every change that is made to Angular.

Each version, update or tool added to the framework is publicly announced along with a release schedule.  

For you, your project and your development team this is an opportunity to understand and plan future changes for your project.

#5 Offers improved server performance

When we mentioned that Angular can provide you with an efficient app thanks to its lightweight and fast performance, part of that comes from its ability to make servers perform extremely well.

What Angular does is that it reduces the burden from server CPUs. In simple words, the server works smoothly thanks to reduced traffic and because it only serves static files and responds to the API calls.

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