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An open source, cross-platform runtime environment designed for building fast and scalable network applications.

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Why should you select NodeJS for your next project? Among the biggest companies that used NodeJS are Netflix, NASA, Uber, Twitter, Trello, Linkedin, Uber and eBay.

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment. Thanks to its admirable features and extendability, Node.js is perfect for data-intensive, real-time applications such as LinkedIn, Twitter or Uber where users share a high amount of messages and require a minimal delay.

In other words, Node.js can be a fit for almost any kind of web project, but especially if you are aiming to speed up site loading, process numerous user requests quickly, enhance the traffic capacity and handle large databases easily, which is a requirement if you are developing streaming apps and platforms, different games, time tracking solutions or social media and networking sites and applications.

Why NodeJS for development

Aim for high app performance from the start

If you are building streaming apps, different games, time trackers or social media networks and applications, Node.js provides fast solutions right from the start and ensures high performance and scalability, which is something your users will expect.

nodejs for development

Opt for efficiency and cost-effective development cycles

With its ready to go solutions (over 700.000 modules), Node.js significantly decreases development costs and makes each development cycle much quicker and efficient. This is why Node.js is a popular technology for startup businesses, regardless of industries and verticals.

cost-effective development with Node.js

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