1. Plan

Together with the client we estimate and clearly define top priorities.


2. Collaborate

Our work is organised in sprints, and progress is monitored daily.


3. Deliver

A product, ready to be handed to a client or shown to a stakeholder is presented.

Our Case Studies

We are proud of our projects. Take a look at what we’ve done so far. And how.

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by Eton Digital team

Every business can tell its unique story through the website, and working on projects for different industries has many perks for designers and developers. In the web industry, …

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by Branislava Milosavljevic

Want to build an e-learning platform for your business? Thinking about creating an e-commerce website to target your online customers? If you are into building a web business, you have …

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by Eton Digital team

As you probably know, Drupal modules are essential components of the Drupal CMS. Their role is to add an extra functionality to your website which can make it …

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