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PassEntry - The Power of the NFC Pass

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NFC SaaS app

PassEntry is a revolutionary product which offers businesses and organisations a streamlined solution to easily register, track, and manage visitors entering their premises or events. By using the power of NFC pass, PassEntry strives to transform access control.

What we did


The idea behind PassEntry was born out of necessity when founders became frustrated constantly forgetting and losing plastic access cards. They wanted to find a better solution which would allow them to use their phones to enter buildings - and since such a solution was non-existent, they decided to make their own.

To help them come up with the best possible product, we ran several discovery workshop sessions during which we defined the goals, discussed specific needs of their target audience and aligned those needs with the project business idea. Based on data gathered during the workshop our team prioritised User Stories for the MVP, created Information Architecture and MVP development plan.

PassEntry discovery workshops

Market research & competitive analysis

Target market research was the next step for our team and it involved gathering data and insights into industry trends of the NFC pass market, target audience preferences, and market dynamics. This process allowed us to identify opportunities, threats, and competitors. We focused on evaluating competitors' strengths, weaknesses, and strategies, including analysing their keywords, backlink profiles, and online presence to gain a deeper understanding of their positioning.

PassEntry competitors

Content writing & keyword research

Once we completed market research and competitive analysis, we moved onto keyword research, which has helped us identify relevant search terms and phrases that client's target audience uses to find relevant information online about the NFC pass. By strategically integrating keywords we selected, we helped the client enhance their visibility in search engine results pages, which led to attracting more organic traffic.

By creating high-quality, engaging content that resonates with the target audience, we helped our client to optimise their online presence as well as increase brand awareness.

PassEntry keyword research

Information architecture

Information architecture (IA) is a crucial aspect of website design and development, focusing on organising and structuring content to enhance User Experience and navigation. Our team mapped a complete information architecture to get a deeper understanding of all the requirements on a bird-eye view.

PassEntry - information architecture

Product design and development

Our design and development teams have successfully completed a multi-stage process of creating, designing and bringing a new access control product to the market. From innovative features to choosing the best tech stack for developing such a product, here is what makes PassEntry revolutionary.


To allow event organisers to issue and manage NFC passes remotely, we created a web-based Dashboard where they can design, instantly issue, revoke or amend any pass at any time, manage event information and readers, get reports and monitor real-time venue and attendees data.

PassEntry dashboard

Custom design of pass templates

To provide better fan engagement, event organisers can customise the look and feel of the passes by creating a pass template for each event. They are able to upload the event logo and banner, choose background and font colour and see the live preview of how the NFC pass would look like on both iPhone and Android phone while designing.

PassEntry - Custom design of NFC pass templates

Real-time data

To give opportunity to event organisers to identify trend data for successful retargeting and marketing campaigns, we built a live event data feed so that they can monitor who enters the venue and when in real-time. The information is sent from readers together with the scan status, providing the reason for pass rejection if the scanning fails.

PassEntry - Real-time data

Dark mode enabled

Having in mind that the event organisers might use the Dashboard in low-light venues, especially in music venues and cinemas, we created an option for users to switch the user interface to dark mode and therefore reduce eye strain.

PassEntry - Dark mode enabled

Creative use of NFC technology

NFC or Near Field Communication technology has been widely used in the last couple of years as it enables short-range wireless communication between devices, allowing for contactless data transfer. NFC's convenience, security, and ease of use make it beneficial for facilitating quick and secure transactions and interactions.

Enter venues with a simple tap

PassEntry uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. If you are using contactless payments - you already know that NFC has been making your life easier.

The reader automatically validates the pass when it is tapped on the reader, exactly like a contactless payment.

PassEntry - Enter venues with a simple tap thanks to NFC passes

Apple Wallet and Google Wallet

PassEntry is integrated with Apple Wallet and Google Wallet so that customers can easily add NFC passes issued via PassEntry to their smartphone native wallets without downloading an app, making the access simple and secure. No lost key fobs and no need to carry a card.

Apple Wallet and Google Wallet

Custom API creation

Creating a custom API allowed PassEntry to tailor their product to specific needs, enhancing functionality and integration capabilities. Custom API empowers businesses to unlock new opportunities and stay ahead in a competitive landscape, and we wanted to help PassEntry become recognisable in today's market.

PassEntry API

As a large percentage of PassEntry users have their own systems for ticketing, we created the PassEntry API that can easily be integrated into the existing systems and all cloud based interfaces. We also designed API documentation pages to make the integration process easy and smooth.

Issue an NFC pass

Issue an NFC pass

Event organisers can issue NFC passes from PassEntry Dashboard or from their own system via PassEntry’s API to any smartphone wallet, simply by entering the customer’s data and assigning an event to the pass.

Customers receive a unique link via SMS and email that takes them to the web page where they can add the pass to their smartphone wallet.

Create an NFC pass

Crafting a pitch deck

To help our clients present their business idea to potential investors and stakeholders, we created a pitch deck. We defined the purpose and audience, carried out research and gathered relevant data. Our marketing and design teams collaborated to design visually appealing slides with clear, concise information and engaging visuals.

PassEntry pitchdeck screenshots


Building PassEntry was done in an agile manner, where a full-stack team worked for 14 sprints (28 weeks) before the product was launched. We had daily stand ups, biweekly demos and every two weeks the full team would sit together with the client to thoroughly plan the scope for the next sprint.

PassEntry collaboration


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A revolutionary access control product

Working on such a revolutionary and innovative product was a huge opportunity for each and every team member that took part in the entire process to improve and learn. We are grateful to have inspiring clients that push us to become even better and help them achieve their business goals.

PassEntry screenshot

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