Social Network Sites and Platforms

If you are searching for a proven social networking website design and development company, you've found it.

We deliver Custom Social Networking and Collaboration platforms and build Online Communities and Knowledge Networks, with great user experience and responsive web design providing you full ownership rights to a custom solution.

What do you get?

A social network solution that is genuinely yours: The look and the feel will be highly tailored. The features can be integrated with your current website to make your social network made-to-measure.

Innovative features: You want your users to keep coming back, and your website, whether it is business or community oriented, will provide that with our bespoke features designed to help you be more successful in achieving your goals.

Full ownership of valuable data: For reasons of legality and dependability, keeping customer data safe and trackable should be a prerequisite for any serious social network. Unlike with many simpler systems, our social network solutions will make sure that all valuable data collected is yours, safe and secure.

Platforms we recommend:


Symfony is an open-source software, maintained and developed by a community of thousands of users and developers. Updates are released regularly to ensure clean code, robust functionality and updated security.

Symfony adopts and features the most modern principles and patterns in Web development and is capable of running fast on low-cost hostings as well as bearing the weight of a large system with hundreds of thousands of users and heavy traffic. As a framework, it is ideal for further in-house development.

We recommend it for a variety of web sites, social networks, blogs and content management systems. Big names that have recognised Symfony as an excellent solution for their needs are BBC, Dailymotion and TED. Join them.


AngularJS is a very popular framework with a large community, fast growing and supported by Google. It supports Single Page Applications and embraces both Test Driven Development and Behaviour Driven Development.

Applications which are built with AngularJS save bandwidth as only data is being transferred, without extra wrappers around. This also results in websites having RESTful API which can later be used for third party integrations or for your mobile application. Separation of concerns is at the highest level - besides data storage and services, API and presentation layers are now separated as well. Youtube, Vevo, MSNBC are only some of the names that have relied on AngularJS to provide quality to their users.


React is an open-source JavaScript library for building interactive and intuitive UI. React’s modularity and scalability make the library our first choice when working on large web applications that display a lot of changing data. We love working with React JS because it provides simplicity, handles complex updates, and remains fast and stable.

It was first built by Facebook to facilitate the implementation of interactive and reusable UI components. Besides Facebook, Product Hunt, AirBnb, Walmart, PayPal, Microsoft, Uber, Tesla are only a few of the companies that are adopting React. Some of the successful projects that use React include Khan Academy and New York Times. The entire Instagram site is written in React JS. It is a technology with great potential.

We recommend React because it is changing the way web applications are built, which is the reason we use it in our work.


Drupal is a popular PHP-based open source Content Management platform which is typically used for community-driven websites. Some of the largest websites on the internet such as Sony, MTV, the UN, Playstation, Ecademy, Second Life Linden Labs, NATO, NASA and The White House are built on Drupal. Projects created with Drupal tend to be flexible, maintainable and extensible. We recommend Drupal because it offers thousands of modules for almost any type of digital presence, with a focus on personalization, community building and social tools. It's simply amazing.

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