Developers are constantly searching for solutions that enable fast and quality development of products. To achieve so, the majority choose to go with PHP frameworks. Laravel and Symfony are the ones in high demand. 

Both of these frameworks have shown the most admirable performance and have the best features for building extensive, complex web projects.  

What makes a breeze to work with Symfony and Laravel is that they offer so many ready-to-use libraries and components, as well as tools that speed up repetitive tasks. 

How can you decide which framework is a better fit for your project?

Both Symfony and Laravel provide top-notch features for a rapid and quality development of large scale and demanding projects.

Choosing the right one will only depend on the specifications of your project.

As we use them both, we want to help you with your decision-making process. In the end, you will be able to determine which PHP framework suits your project best. 

The final verdict?

Choosing the right framework will certainly depend on your budget, time and resource requirements.

Both Laravel and Symfony proves to be an excellent choice for rapid application development.

  • Laravel comes as a framework that is a sort of “all in one”. It has a lot of best practices and solutions that could work for you.
  • Symfony has shown as a reliable and powerful framework able to support complex projects and platforms such as Magento, Joomla or Ez Platform

The best way to choose the right solution is to take advice from those who already have experience working with these frameworks. 

Building projects with PHP frameworks requires experts. Thus, it’s better to look for professional advice on how to choose the right one.