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8 Powerful Laravel’s Features To Boost Your Next Web App Project

Thursday, 30 May, 2019 Updated on Wednesday, 17 November, 2021 by Eton Digital team

Building web applications today is hugely improved thanks to efficient Laravel features. Many businesses are already reaping the benefits of building scalable and attractive Laravel projects.

First of all, many benefits are coming when you build your project using PHP frameworks:

  • Your application is more scalable.
  • You can maintain a large scale type of projects much easier.
  • Popular frameworks have a rich community base
  • Due to the security patches, you are able to effectively protect your site
  • With frameworks, you are able to organize and manage resources better.
  • Frameworks with large communities behind tend to be more stable and constant in its updates.

Since its first release in June 2011, Laravel prevailed a long way as the PHP language was evolving.

According to StackOverflow’s 2019 survey, Laravel is a star on the rise. More than 60 percent of worldwide developers favour this framework.

laravel popularity
Source: StackOverflow

This framework also stands out because of its ability to cooperate with other frameworks as well.

Symfony PHP, for example, provides great benefits for large scale projects and when combined with Laravel features, you can handle big web development projects in the most efficient manner.

But Laravel is a lot more than just a popular framework. Why is Laravel good for large-scale projects?

The web app artisan


Laravel is a free, open-source and one of the most popular PHP web frameworks based on the model–view–controller (MVC) architectural pattern.

In other words, the “model–view–controller (MVC)” type can secure your rapid development and possibilities to write maintainable code.

For developers, due to MVC architecture, Laravel allows them to save hours of development time and reduce thousands of lines of code compared to raw PHP.

After all, the inventor’s intention was to reduce the cost of initial development and improve the quality of code by defining industry-standard design practices.

What makes Laraval stand out from other frameworks is also the support from the vibrant developers’ community, along with powerful features.

Let’s dig deeper into features that provide easy and fast web development.  

8 Laravel’s features for effective web development

The Laravel PHP framework offers many “out of the box” features.

As an efficient framework, Laravel projects come with improved database management and access, impressive file management, bug solving, as well as many other useful features.

#1 Database at hand

Laravel stands out because of the efficient suite of tools for interacting with databases. These database migrations enable you to easily design and modify a database in a platform-independent way.

#2 Command tools at hand

To be able to send commands, Laravel has a tool called Artisan.

With Artisan, a developer can interact with an application to trigger actions such as running database migrations, executing unit tests, or scheduling a job.

#3 Simplified routing

A quick website checkup to see whether your website works flawlessly can be easily done with the right technology. What Laravel 6 also provides is a good organisation of all your website URLs through routers. If there is a website link or API that you want to change, Laravel allows you to change it in just one file.

#4 Rocking View Template Engine

The so-called Blade templating engine is able to clean up your views by providing aesthetically pleasing replacements for inline PHP and by including powerful new features.

Also, as the templates are light weighted in this framework, creating impressive layouts is significantly easier.


#5 Simplified Job Scheduling

Introduced in Laravel 5.0, this feature is an addition to the tool Artisan. Together they allow programmatic scheduling of periodically executed tasks.

#6 Ideal for Subscription & Billing websites

If you want to develop a website that requires a way of subscription or billing, Laravel can be a perfect solution.

Laravel features provide a special interface for managing subscription billing services provided by Stripe, for example. With it, you can handle coupons and generate invoices effortlessly.

#7 Useful Authentication Mechanisms

Laravel’s features include also bundles with basic authentication.

Basic authentication can be configured to web pages and API easily with a few steps.

Furthermore, Laravel is equipped with simplified mechanisms for authentication. That include different content providers as well as Facebook, Twitter, Google, GitHub, and Bitbucket.

#8 Top security patches

Laravel is also a highly secure framework that offers rigorous safety against different threats.

Laravel offers a top-notch code base safekeeping and at the same time allows the web app to perform seamlessly. It can handle any security threats and risks such as cross-site forgery requests and SQL injections of different nature.

Benefits Summary

  • Clean and simple routing
  • Easy integration with third-party libraries
  • An active and growing community that can provide quick support and answers
  • Supporting unit tests out of the box
  • Async queue and background jobs for the long-running tasks
  • A powerful model for subscribing and listening to application events
  • Simple configuration.
  • Built-in module for any billing service.

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