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Acquire new knowledge and skills with bite-sized learning

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Microlearning platform

EDeL is a highly customizable white label microlearning platform that ensures interactive media-rich, gamified experiences helping users acquire new, valuable knowledge in a bite-sized format through a set of actionable objectives.

What we did

Why did we create EDeL?

After many successful web projects, educational platforms and elearning apps behind us, it came naturally for us to utilise all the gathered knowledge and insights in order to build a product that provides answers to many challenges that almost every industry faces today.

At the beginning of the planning process, we concluded that our focus had to be an eLearning platform that can be easily, rapidly and efficiently deployed in any organisation, regardless of the size or industry.

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The power of white label

EDeL platform is designed and developed as a white-label microlearning platform that can be easily developed, branded and set up for any industry or organization. The platform is fully customizable and can be expanded with tailor-made solutions per request, ranging from multilingual capabilities to weekly reports, single sign-on and other required features. The flexibility of the white label also allows its potential owners to fully brand their learning maps and add unique iconography related to the knowledge acquired on the course.

white label microlearning platform

Impeccable UX and UI design

Besides customisation, our focus was to design and develop intuitive user journeys and good UX that will provide great results regardless of the possible branding solutions. With custom elearning development, we ensured that different types of content are easily accessible, simple, and organised to always match the user’s intention.

With its final version, EDeL is able to boost retention rates, save money and empower businesses from different verticals and sizes to improve internal and external communication talent and HR management, onboarding, vocational, compliance and product knowledge training, and sales.


Branding of the platform

Within the chosen design we aimed to show all the possibilities of the chosen style and how it is powerful enough to enable users to have fun but also gain new, valuable knowledge through a set of actionable objectives. The colour schemes, graphics and the interface itself aim to provide a seamless user experience, powerful enough to capture learners’ attention, making their learning process even more interactive and enjoyable.

EDeL branding

Seemles management of users and content

To keep the platform under control, we developed different roles that made organizing courses much easier. EDeL eLearning platform has Administrators who can register all users and provide them with login details. Depending on how you customize the platform, users are also able to register via link only. The learners only need to enter the provided email address and password, click on the button Start and they will be automatically forwarded to the Course start page.

Content management

Besides roles, we also implemented options for intuitive and effective content management. Web administrators can also have the full management of course topics, pages, quizzes with their questions and answers, and other pieces of content. Also, Administrators can decide whether a subject (a lesson) is better explained through text, videos and images, or their combination.

content management

Ensured transparency on each step

Along with full content management and control, with the EDeL platform, administrators can have a complete overview of users’ progress. We enabled the platform to show data about the average score and success rate of users on specific phases of the course.


Interactive learning experience

Keeping in mind the need to maintain the learner's interest and focus, we came up with a content structure that makes learning fun and easy to digest. Topics can contain different numbers of lessons presented in pages, and each page can contain different media-rich content to address a particular subject.

interactive learning experience

Focus on the learner’s needs

Besides text and video, Administrators can also upload supporting learning materials to each page/lesson that provides more information for the learner. They are able to upload text documents (pdf, txt, rtf, doc, docx), sheets (xls, xlsx), slide presentations (ppt, pptx), images (jpg, jpeg, png) and zipped files (zip, rar).

focus on learners needs

Private learning experience

Administrators are also able to create a private learning experience. If any brand or company offers sensitive and private data as part of the learning material explored in the course, Administrators can choose which page (or pages) should be private for specific groups of users and which should remain visible to all users.

private learning experience

Tracking learning progress

We developed a dashboard to act as a tracking interface. Each course interface can be organized in a clear and simple way to ensure that learners can focus on tracking their progress. The session lasts until the users log out, allowing users to pick up where they left off next time. All data is saved and users can easily track their progress on the Course dashboard.

Completion rate and animation

Also, a form of completion rate is what makes learning on the platforms exciting. To keep the learners motivated, we implemented attractive animated features to show the stage at which the learner is, marking the phases and quizzes that are successfully finished. At each step, learners have a good visual and contextual orientation on how many phases they need to go through to finish the course.

tracking progress

Email reminders

To increase the completion rate of the courses, we developed the option to send email reminders. Each learner can receive email notifications about their progress and smart learning reminders delivered to their inbox to help them stay in the loop with the course and learning phases.

email notification

Knowledge Testing: Quizzes

We designed quizzes as quick tests for learners to assess whether they are ready to move forward or should go back to a particular learning section. After each learning phase, users take a quiz to test their knowledge. The results are shown as percentages for the correct answers and medals are awarded based on the achieved results. The bronze medal is given when a learner has more than 80% of correct answers, the silver when they have more than 90% and the gold when all answers are correct (100%).

EDeL knowledge quiz

Badges as symbols of accomplishments

We know the benefits that positive reinforcement can provide in the learning process. Throughout the EDeL courses, learners can receive badges for their results, which provide motivational empowerment. These are awards and symbols of their accomplishments. Thus, when a learner receives two silver medals on their first try, they receive the appropriate badge reward to showcase their great results.

EDeL badges

Results and certificates

Users can use their profiles to follow the results from the quizzes and download certificates at the end of the course. Each user profile contains an avatar, department, email, gender and the assigned role. To ensure learners have valid proof that they have finished their courses and answered the questions successfully, we enabled them to download a certificate. They can easily access and download certificates from their profile.

EDeL certificates

Brands that use EDeL

EDeL is a solution that is highly customizable, powerful enough to put all the aspects of microlearning and modern education into use. It is a kind of platform that is flexible enough to meet the needs that any industry might have, from knowledge sharing to human resource management. It provides a great user experience and covers users' needs to collect knowledge and skills at their preferred time, place and in their particular way. That’s why other brands chose EDeL.

Corona eLearning

When the situation with COVID-19 took over the entire world, we felt the need to contribute and help in the best way we could. We developed and launched Corona eLearning, a microlearning platform based on features that the EDeL microlearning platform provides. This was also a testing phase on how EDeL can be used by other brands. Through easy 4-phase quizzes, rich in images and videos, Corona eLearning enables learners to go over the most important information and learn everything about COVID and how to protect themselves.

Corona eLearning

Harmful Practices eLearning tool

With the help of our team, the National FGM Centre developed a revolutionary eLearning platform on harmful practices in order to improve the knowledge, skills and practice of professionals working with young people.

Harmful practices elearning

AMBIT programme

The Children’s Society worked with our team to develop an eLearning platform that will help them provide AMBIT or Adaptive Mentalization-Based Treatment which is a whole-team approach designed for services who work with clients presenting with multiple needs, including mental health difficulties.



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An attractive, cost-effective alternative to real classroom

EDeL platform is developed to be a flexible learning tool suitable for various industries, an option that allows easy management of both content and users, all in order to ensure a high completion rate and quality experience in learning.

EDeL final product

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