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Android/IOS app

Louenna parenting app is a conveniently packed know-how mobile app that provides the most extensive parenting knowledge and advice 24/7. Since its launch in 2020, the Louenna app is the most downloaded parenting app on the market.

What we did

Discovery and prototyping

We worked with the Louenna team to design and develop the mobile parenting app. Our focus was to deliver a mobile solution that provides all answers swiftly and accurately and gives users an effortless, fun and interactive user journey.

In an online workshop, we discussed the individual requirements and divided the entire project into two parts: development of the cross-platform apps and development of CMS. Our design team covered the design process of all the screens, iconography, and user interactions. They used the logic of the wireframes created in the previous phase of the project.

discovery phase parenting app

Branding and design

The core idea of the design was to provide users with quick access to trustworthy and insightful content, which is why our focus was on personalization. We used design elements and colours to intuitively guide users through different content segments.


The idea behind the logo was to show the different maternal stages and important roles for the child’s growth and development. The logo is an illustration of an egg that transfers into a baby carriage resulting in a perfect symbol of maternity, the role of a nanny, and child care.

louenna logo design parenting app


We aimed at distinctly elegant typography and chose Josefin Sans for display fonts and Oxygen for body text. Josefin Sans is a modern font, influenced by the geometric style of sans serif faces and based on geometric forms that have been optically corrected for better legibility.


Color Palette

The primary colours of Louenna are Egg Shell Blue and Kournikova Yellow. These colours are traditionally associated with femininity and motherhood. At the same time, pastel colours express frivolity, joy, optimism, and lightness. Moreover, they are also renowned for their ability to soothe and calm the viewer. This palette ensures that Louenna’s visual communication is attractive and impactful.


Skills and experience behind the technology

Louenna Hood is a trained nurse that has worked with many high-profile families, including several royal families. She has over 17 years of experience as a trained nurse and nanny which made her one of the most trustworthy experts in the area of parenting, maternity, and children care.

In this insightful parenting app, Norland Nanny and Maternity Nurse Louenna Hood have collated a wide range of information including first aid videos and a library full of printable guides, recommendations and other content.

Skills & Experrience parenting app

Enriched user engagement

Once users download the app they can browse through numerous features, filtered by the number of children they have or the phase of parenting and maternity which is relevant to them.

Video library

Offers richly illustrated videos with proven, highly useful tips, guides and tutorials that parents can use.

video library

Printable packs

Equipped with ready to print checklists and guides for new parents, mothers, and nannies.

printable packs parenting app

Feeding timer and Logs

Helps mothers with planning the feeding time for their babies. The functionality is diary-based, allowing anyone to easily add and follow when and how they feed their babies.

feeding timer

Unique content with subscription

A paid subscription unlocks unique content providing users with full access to more comprehensive articles, videos, and e-books that can help with different parenting phases.

Emergency section

Contains a comprehensive list of every possible and existing disease or situation that can trouble a child at a different age. From burns to hiccups, this section allows app users to browse for a quick piece of information and the best advice in dire times.



Users have access to a list of useful articles written for different phases of parenting and child care. They can browse articles in different sections and find them through categories and activities. Another perk we added is a feature that allows users to save articles. They can save content and come back later to read articles whenever they need to refresh their memory.

articles parenting app

Enhanced search query

Whether they need a tip on how to put a baby to sleep or how to react in the case of an emergency, the app provides a very detailed search query to help find the right answer.

The search query is based on keywords, whilst predicted text provides an efficient and smooth app browsing experience. Users are able to filter the articles based on predefined filters for the age of their child and the category of articles.

Search query

Diverse push notifications

During the early parenting phase, it is important to be well informed and ready to react when necessary. As the app is regularly updated with new and useful content, users can turn on notifications and be informed of each new article or activity they can use.

Notification settings

Efficient app performance with Flutter

With Flutter Google’s app development kit, our team ensured an efficient development process and delivered a light but strong application with high quality and performance.


Strong and flexible CMS behind the app

We developed a CMS in order to enable the admin to create content for the app. We used the Sonata Admin dashboard to allow admins to create and publish articles and tag them with appropriate categories and ages. The same CMS allowed us to enrich the content publishing with images and embedded videos.

Strong and flexible CMS

Video production

To provide more detailed insights into how the app works, our design, and animation team created a thorough explainer video. The video tackles all the essential benefits of everyday day usage, allowing users to have a deeper insight into the app before they decide to subscribe or download the app.


  • Flutter

    An open-source software development kit (SDK) developed by Google to quickly build iOS and Android apps.

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  • NodeJS

    Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment that runs server-side. Within that environment, JavaScript can be used to build the software, REST APIs, and invoke external services through their APIs.

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Empowering parents with the nanny in a pocket

We are happy to have had the rare privilege and opportunity to pack-years of knowledge and experience into a modern and useful parenting app for many further generations of parents to come. We enjoyed building an app that will be useful to so many parents out there, allowing them to learn more about parenting or find the right answer when they need one.

final product louenna parenting app

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