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Nissan Ireland

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Project type

Corporate website and custom online platform

Nissan Ireland is a well-established player in the Irish Motor Industry responsible for distributing the full range of Nissan new cars, commercial vehicles, and vans. With a multitude of websites that provide a rich set of presentations, tools and communication methods to future and existing Nissan owners, Nissan Ireland has become a leader in the automotive industry.

What we did


Nissan Ireland approached us with the idea of re-building its brand through new user-focused functionalities and tools and new design for their corporate website. After the initial meetings with the Nissan managing team, we created the specification for every website, including detailed descriptions of website features, layouts, and connections with the rest of the network.


The user journey had to be effective and delightful, steering visitors towards their goal whether it was learning more about latest Nissan innovations, finding out about specific Nissan models, Booking a Test Drive or servicing, or simply calculating how much it would cost them to replace their old vehicle with a new Nissan.


Planning & Releases

A Release plan for a whole year was created, with defined deployment dates and set of features to be released for every website in the network.This ensured lean and in-time delivery of new features, in alignment with planned campaigns and marketing efforts.

Every release was first thoroughly checked on a Staging environment where we test new features with fresh real data downloaded from a Production server. After all checks are completed, including automated regression tests, we would transfer it to the Production server via GIT.

planning-and releases


The first objective was to modernize the Nissan brand starting with their web presence, and moving forward to specific calculating and customization tools for users to help them to find, customise and calculate finances for Nissan vehicles, compare the costs and other features of their used cars and Nissan vehicles, to easily and effectively find dealers and real-time booking options for test drive and service.

Specific development requirements

One of the specific requirements for our team was to develop an improved analysis and comparison features for the all growing Nissan user base. We envisioned, designed and built a whole set of user-friendly tools and delivered an entire network of websites with a coherent appearance and centralised content management system.


Strong and scalable foundation

In parallel, the development team was working on a strong foundation that will easily run over 50 different websites dedicated to four main purposes (i.e. Head office, Dealership, Used cars, Calculator tool). It had to be scalable to support future expansions and new features, but also fast enough for all the traffic that was coming its way.


Experience Nissan Ireland

Nissan’s corporate website is dedicated to the presentation of Nissan brand, range and activities, with additional tools and features that attract new users and invite them to engage with the brand.
Our goal was to create a unique visual appearance for Nissan Ireland that is properly aligned to Nissan’s image and brand guidelines, telling the amazing story of the Nissan brand.

User Experience

Visitors are able to experience Nissan vehicles via interactive and well-structured pages, find details about current offers, download specification and brochures, compare features and prices for all models, and enjoy galleries with photos and videos.


360° Vehicle overview

The landing page for every Nissan model is a stunning overview of its most important features, video content and latest offers. To attract the user visually, we presented the full range of Nissan models with galleries and 360 views.



The platform is built to be available on all devices, ranging from desktops to laptops to tablets and phones, but also to provide the content management team with a powerful and easy to use system.


Dealership websites

We have developed Dealership websites as a network of 50 websites that share a database of content and users with a corporate website. The websites feature a complete stock of used cars available at dealerships, interactive forms for Callback and finding vehicles and LCVs, local offers and news, providing automatic feed for external providers of Used cars in Ireland (e.g. Carzone, Windsor Group, etc).

Find a dealer

Ireland has a large network of Nissan dealerships. This interactive map and listing of dealerships helps every user to quickly find the nearest dealership for their requirements.


Dedicated website for every dealer in the network

Every dealership in the network has a dedicated website that features a fast and powerful search tool for any dealer’s stock of vehicles.


Shared content and user database

Besides a strong visual connection between corporate and dealer websites that adds up to the brand image, with shared content and a user database, any content update automatically appears across the network with a single click.


Nissan Gold Standard Marketplace

Nissan Gold Standard is a marketplace for aggregated used cars from all Nissan dealers available and searchable in one place. We built advanced features for sorting and filtering of used cars and enabled an automatic export of used car data and images for third-party websites.

Go Calculator

Go Calculator is a custom developed tool for cost analysis and comparison of your used car with Nissan vehicles, calculation of various finance options, and contacting the right dealer.


Find a new Nissan

Nissan fans who are planning to replace their old vehicles with a new Nissan can just pop in their registration number and mileage and get a completed running costs overview, comparison and the best offers from Nissan. They can also choose to have a comparison report delivered via email.


Used cars

Besides new Nissan vehicles, every dealership also offers a stock of used cars. They are completely tested, and the best of them are coming with the Gold Standard special warranty. In order to help users to find the most suitable type of the vehicle, advanced search features like filtering and sorting are there to provide the best selection of used cars.


Book a test drive

Every visitor can easily select their desired vehicle and book a test drive for it. The charming Nissan team will quickly get in touch with them, and arrange all the details.



Final product

We delivered an entire network of websites with a coherent appearance and centralised content management system that was able to create a hub of information all in one place for users to have the best experience.


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