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Business social network

Procurious is the world's first global business social network for procurement professionals launched in 2013. As the leading online business network and an all-in-one knowledge hub for the procurement industry, the network empowers 36K + Procurement & Supply Chain Peers in their career advancement, setting the ground for the future generations of 'Procurement Pros'​.

What we did

Discovery and prototyping

We had the pleasure to work with the team on launching Procurious in 2013 and rebuilding the network, developing new features and functionalities. Our focus was on defining web design and development solution that will provide a better, more conversion-focused, and community-oriented networking and knowledge sharing experience.

After a 2 day product discovery workshop with the clients during which we discussed the individual requirements, and user journeys, we created the initial sitemap of the new platform and proceeded with the Product Backlog that captured user stories needed for rebuilding the platform.

Procurious sitemap

Design and UX

We worked on rebuilding the platform yet keeping its user-centric website features the core of the project. Having a Procurious target audience in mind, we chose a light UI that helps them intuitively use the platform content. Users now can enjoy the white UI with black text.

Besides visual improvements that include a new layout and refreshed colour scheme, our design team aimed at a mobile-first approach with a clean, minimalistic style.

design and ux

To achieve a specific style, we used explicit and understandable icons and graphics along with a few colours and slight monochromatic variations.

Seamless user journey

We redesigned the platform by making the UI/UX to be more modern and intuitive. We aimed to tailor the experience for users to meet their needs more effectively so they can easily and swiftly find the information they seek and engage in the community.

Improved user engagement

The entire signup process is redesigned in order to provide a simple and straightforward signing up. Users can promptly finish their sign-up forms, use autocomplete, or log in with their social media profiles (Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter)

improved user engagement

Empowered search capabilities

The platform’s accessibility is increased with added filters and keyword-based search that allow users to effortlessly find the wanted content.

Search and filters design


Resources are also a part of the new platform. It is a sort of content-rich library for all the members. Resources offer webinars, videos, white papers, and research reports which members can browse based on topics and subtopics.


Community Building & Groups

Members can publish different content, images and videos, embed links and interact with other members of the group by adding likes and comments below their posts. They can also create groups, invite others to join.

The novelty is that members can also manage content in the Resources section by adding different content, research papers, reports and documents. Plus, they can search for the members in the group and add them as a connection.

If they need a specific group, Member can browse and filter groups by Events, Associations, Categories/Industries, Regional/Local and Special interest.

slider community
slider groups
slider discussions

User profile

A user profile is enhanced and works as a personal online portfolio. On this Linkedin-like page, users can add work experience, education, skills, memberships and other business-related information. The more information users add - the completion rate goes up.

user profile

Enhanced Members engagement

New Procurious offers options for interaction between the members, allowing them to have different ways to engage with the community they prefer.

Real time notifications

Members are able to see the connection recommendations based on their location, job title, and industry and now grow their professional network much easier. With notifications in real-time via email, Members are informed about the latest updates, new connections, messages, events, etc.

real time notifications


Each member can exchange messages with single or multiple members. Members can also mention other Members in posts, discussions and groups, use emoticons or block other Members.

message form design

Event management

As the Procurious business platform is built to be an all-in-one networking solution for anyone involved in the procurement industry, the platform provides event creators with an array of possibilities that allows them to successfully organize and promote an event.

Event creation

Event creators can create webinars as well as venue happenings or Zoom meetings. For each type of event, they can set various preferences, from ticket price to who can join the event. Within the unique Event management panel, event creators can enhance their event promotions by adding brochures, video links, agendas, live streaming links, live chat and details about the speakers and sponsors.

event creation

Event organization

In addition, an event creator can follow the list of event insights that includes details about the number of attendees that are registered along with their needs during the event. Event creators can set a ticket price, and users can purchase them directly from the platform.

Likewise, event creators are able to request a payout if an event is hosted on Procurious. Besides that, event creators can see details about total sales for tickets including the Procurious fee.

event management

Event marketing

Considering the number of events on the platform, event creators can now set events for promotion on the platform and be able to stand out.

event marketing

Notifications and events listings

All interested users can be notified when there is an upcoming event in their area. The event list will be prefiltered to the user location (for which we integrated Google Maps) so that they can find interesting events in fewer steps.

Another improvement is a more detailed search query that allows users to search for an event based on the type, host, price, and location of the event.

Procurious events page design

Live streaming and video chat

Another novelty is that users are also able to embed the live YouTube stream on their event pages and include a possibility for a live chat as well. After each live stream ends, chat history is saved so users can access it at any time.

live streaming and video chat

Enhanced Advertising

Besides enhancing the platform's performance, our team focused on improving the marketing and advertising opportunities as well.

Improved ad placements and banners

We managed that by designing more flexible and appealing banners and ad placements. Ads are therefore able to fit seamlessly in a feed or list and to provide a similar user experience matching user expectations with organic content patterns.

add placement

Customized ads

To expand the possibilities for advertising on the platform we developed an option for administrators to set the specific ads duration and placement. That will ensure more detailed analytics about targeted users for which we also integrated a custom built data overview that shows ads views and clicks.

admin sonata


A platform for every modern procurement professional today!

Procurious satisfies the standards of a modern social network, allowing its users to enjoy a fast, intuitive, and useful platform that will improve their professional engagement.

Procurious final product

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