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A Powerful Virtual Teaching Platform Dedicated to Successful Exam Preparation

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Virtual teaching for educators

The EverLearner is a leading online learning platform that transforms online classes and delivers a unique perspective to both teachers and students working and learning at home. With a one-of-a-kind exam simulator and lessons prepared by real, experienced teachers, teachers and students are able to get the best results during the examination periods.

What we did

Discovery & Prototyping

The initial Product Discovery workshops with the client were organised in order for us to understand both the business requirements and users' needs as this is a long-term project that requires us to know exactly how to exceed the expectations of our client.

These meetings helped us come up with a product backlog that will cater to the needs of the client while offering something innovative to their target audience. And since we have been collaborating with The EverLearner for over 2 years, the needs of our clients are always on our mind whenever we design new features and functionalities.

Discovery process

Knowledge and experience combined

By having a team of teachers behind the platform from the very beginning, The EverLearner offers unique insights into the world of teaching and learning from the teachers' perspective while catering to the students' needs. With teachers with over 20 years of experience, every part of the platform has been carefully crafted to offer only the best to both teachers and students.

The team of teachers has been working behind the scenes to come up with innovative and valuable lessons and lesson plans that teachers and students will benefit from using to prepare for exams. All lessons are tried and tested and because they are created by experienced teachers, they are known for their effectiveness.

the everlearner knowledge and experience

Interactive learning

One of the key features of The EverLearner is the interactive user journey. Both students and teachers are able to browse the platform with ease and find key pieces of information they need while enjoying every step of the way. Thanks to The EverLearner team, every feature and functionality is designed to exceed the expectations of the target audience.

interactive learning feature for the exam preparation

Impressive learning features

From the entire signup process to amazing filtering options, students are offered an intuitive and smooth user journey to follow. The EverLearner focuses on their needs and how to help them achieve their own goals.

The Exam Simulator

This revolutionary custom-made feature helps students test their knowledge and boost their grades. By focusing on exam-board content and by implementing sophisticated machine learning algorithms, the Exam Simulator guarantees better results and speeds up the evaluation process.

the exam simulator for the everlearner

Extended time testing accommodation

For all students that require extra time to complete assignments and tests, the EverLearner has created a special functionality. In this way all students are given equal opportunities to learn and pass their tests.

extended time feature

Online note taking

Different students take notes differently. To make this process as simple and effective as possible, by introducing an online note taking feature, no student will miss out on writing down important information.

online note taking for the exam preparation platform

Powerful functionalities for teachers

There is never enough time for teachers to complete all their work and finish everything they intend to. Thanks to the impressive features The EverLearner has to offer, now they are able to save time while boosting grades and loving what they do.

Self-marking questions

Save precious time and allow teachers to focus on following the progress of their students. By incorporating this feature, The EverLearner lets teachers focus on other areas of teaching.

self-marking questins for better exam preparation

Automated assignments

Teachers are given a unique opportunity to set automated assignments. From setting deadlines to reminding the students, the EverLearner handles everything. And in addition to this - teachers can set questions or passing standards for different students.

automated exams

Innovative insights

Allows teachers to track the progress of students. By knowing exactly what the students need help with, teachers can plan lessons to cater to the students' needs.

innovative insights functionality


An empowering online learning platform

Being a part of The EverLearner team that has created such an empowering online learning platform for both students and teachers has been a huge honour for us. Our eLearning platform development team has been coming up with inventive solutions to both existing and possible pain points of target audiences while always offering top-notch features to the online learning community.

the everlearner exam preparation platform

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